Wanted: Jubilee Overture by Philip Sparke - percussion part

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  1. brassed_off

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    Does anyone have Philip Sparke's Jubilee Overture? We are trying to find out if it has a kit part as well as the timps. We have a set but no kit part and the short score is not clear. Can any one help locate a kit part?

    Daventry Brass
  2. brassed_off

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    Thanks to the kind people at Brackley who sent me the part.

  3. MarkGillatt

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    It's not so much a Kit part, but it has snare drum, wood block and tamb. With a bit of tuned xylo and glock in. Also some cymbal and I think a couple of triangle "dings". It's been about 6 years since I played it but I reckon I could "busk" it pretty well. It seemed to be the Army's favourite overture a few years back. Cracking piece!

    Oops, just saw you got it sent :oops:
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