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    About 3 months ago I started playing a tuba. I have loved it but the 4th valve on the one I borrowed isn't great.

    decided to try and buy one and can only afford £2k max. Does anyone have one they want to sell or advice on whether to go for a new starter model or a used more expensive brand model.

    any help appreciated.

  2. Hi,
    First of all you need to have someone with you who knows about brass instruments when you try them out. Speaking from experience, I have always bought new however, this doesn't mean to say that you can't pick up a good second hand bargain. Always go for a recognised make as in the long run, non descript brands result in false economy. Finally, if I were in your position I would see about getting the 4th valve fixed whilst practising like mad and add to my 2K so that when I made the grade as a player I could afford a really good tuba. Good Luck and remember plenty of practice daily!
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    Speaking as a new tuba player (2 months) who wanted to buy a 4 valve tuba (my band only have 2 ancient 3 valves, that I just didn't get on with), I bought a 1920s Boosey and Co Imperial for £500 with a new Wick mouthpiece and free delivery.

    If you are certain that you want one, either bite the bullet as I did, and go for an older Boosey and Hawkes (they crop up all the time on ebay ranging from about £500 to £1000) or wait a while longer, see if you like playing or start to develop a better relationship with your bands bass, and drop a little more on a Sovereign. That said, I hear Wessex make great Ebs and you can get a new one for the price of a second hand Besson Sov. If you can, try a few out.

    If all else fails, go to www.cash4brass.co.uk and message Jenny to see what she has. Always great advice and she will help you make a worthy purchase if you don't mind going used.

    If you have £2k to drop, make sure it's worth it, and that you'll stay on the instrument though.