Wanted: Conn 88H

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Peach, May 6, 2011.

  1. Peach

    Peach Member

    I have a pupil looking for a Conn 88H.
    If you have one or know of any please drop me a line with details.
  2. Hi,

    Are you after new, or second hand?
    Closed or open wrap?
  3. Peach

    Peach Member


    2nd hand, and no preference in wrap at all.
    So long as the slide legs are clean we're not too fussy.
    Just seeing what's out there and the prices...

  4. We've only got new ones at the mo - if you want me to get you a special TMP price - let me know....
  5. Peach

    Peach Member

    Thanks John - I expect even a special price new model would be well out of reach here though.

    Should add: we're North West based. The closer you are to Northwich the better as the lad will want to try it out...
  6. We're Music Cellar - in Preston - so not far. What's your budget?