Wanted: Besson Sovereign or Prestige Bb cornet

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by trigger1507, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. trigger1507

    trigger1507 New Member

    I am looking for one of the older end Besson soveriegn or prestige cornets. Reluctantly I am leaving my trumpet behind and would like to find a suitable cornet to ease the transition!!!
    If anyone knows of anything going, preferably in the West Yorkshire area so that I can come and see the instrument first, give me a shout.
    I will consider country wide offers if the right instrument is out there.


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  3. 2ndcornets

    2ndcornets New Member

    Personally I would go for a "post lottery" Sovereign. Rashly I sold mine and kept a Prestige. The new ones may be OK but I find the the earlier Roger Webster effort as mine is an absolute pig to blow. It puts up huge resistence compared with a Sovereign [narrower pipework] so a. you need a lip like a rhino, and b. its heavy and not very flexible. This is why the previous owner who was a Principal cornet in a classy band got rid and returned to a Sovereign. Prestige is ideal for big blow 2nd/3rd cornet parts and not much else. Just my opinion, but I wish I had kept my Sovereign !. That said you are very welcome to come to N Yorks and try my Prestige if you like. I can even sell it to you if you get on with it - I will go back to a Sovereign.
  4. trigger1507

    trigger1507 New Member

    Hi Richard
    Thanks for the advice. I found myself a lovely Sovereign (globe type) a couple of weeks ago and very pleased with the decision!
  5. 2ndcornets

    2ndcornets New Member

    Well done Kate, I believe you have done exactly the right thing. The "Round Stamp" Sovereign is probably the best cornet ever made [Sorry Yamaha fans]. Enjoy it. May all your notes be full and well centred !


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