Wanted: Beginner and Intermediate Trombone Mouthpieces

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by yellowknifedave, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Good Day. I currently teach brass and percussion in a school in the Himalayas. Our program is strong, however, our equipment is antiquated, and budget is non-existant.
    I am seeking DONATIONS of used quality beginner and intermediate trombone mouthpieces. We do not even have a budget to pay shipping here to India. Therefore, if you have a used mouthpiece that is collecting dust, and would find it in your heart to ship to a student in Northern India, we would be very gratefull.

    Thank-you for your time and consideration.
    Dave Hugg
    Brass and Percussion Teacher
    Woodstock School
    Mussoorie, UA
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