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  1. A friend abroad is on the look out for a bass trombone in nice order. Budget wise we're not in the Edwards territory! But will consider and pass on details of anything you may be thinking of selling.
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    Elkhart Conn 72H with the following modifications:
    Valve section changed for one from an older Holton of some kind - dual dependent with finger/thumb levers, stamped 'Minick', presumably by famous LA repairman Larry Minick
    Detachable bell
    Silver-plated bell, engraved characterfully but amateurishly, by Motown trombone legend Phil Ranelin, whose name is signed on it, and who used it with The Temptations in the 70s and for his recording 'Vibes from the Tribe'.

    Notably smooth slide for its age. Comes in a Bach case. Plays like a mellower 7xH - definitely an old-style Conn sound.

    Looking for £900. It's currently with a friend in London - can get it back if your friend wants pictures.
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  3. sounds cool, thanks Dave. I'll let her know. what are the chances of getting a look and blow at it sometime?
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    Depends where she is and where she can get to, I suppose! Send me a PM...
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