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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by arniesarnies, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Hi guy's. I'm after an open-wrap bass trombone. Ideally with a 9.5inch bell and independant valves. At the moment i'm playing a 1971 closed wrap sovereign. It's still a belter of a bone and probably the rolls royce in it's day, but time's change and i'm after an easier blowing trombone with less restriction. My budget is £1500, i know it's not a great deal but that's everything in. Also i live on the Isle of Man and it would need to be sent here. I play Bass Bone for Manx Concert brass who are a first section band and i also help with the Manx National Youth Band.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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    From my experience and that of everybody who I know has played on them, it is a wise move to stay away from anything with CL2000 valves, these have a reputation to stick alot, usually when cold, not sure why, but even after a strip, clean and rebuild service made no difference....
    I spent may happy years in the 1st section with a Holton TR181, but that is closed wrap...
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    Probably worth bearing in mind that it's usually not so much the wrap of the valve that causes stuffiness (unless there's an extremely tight curve in there) as the valve itself. The point's slightly academic, as I imagine you won't be evaluating valve and valve tubing wrap separately when you try an instrument (unless you intend to take a blowtorch to the instrument before buying!), but it's worth considering that a more closed wrap on a decently free-blowing rotor (and the Holton rotors are pretty nice, as standard rotors go) often offers a more consistent blow than an open wrap on a stuffy rotor (e.g. some Bach examples I've tried).

    I have a bone for sale that Dan (basstrom4eva) sounds like he would hate - Conn 62H CL-2000. Asking £2200 for it - so it's probably out of your budget anyhow - but it is an open wrap on very free-blowing valves. A chap near Manchester will be trialling it for a few weeks shortly, so if you happen to be on the nearby bit of the mainland in that time and fancy the idea, you could maybe pop over to him and give it a parp.
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    Many thank's guy's, ive never heard of a tight, stuffy blowing valve before, but now you have turned me on to the idea i'll definately keep my eye's open on the subject. £2200 is way of my range but thank's anyway. She sound's just the ticket but alas a bridge to far i'm afraid. Keep up the good work and may your trombone tubing alway's be filled...