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  1. I am currently after any thing that bands no longer need ranging from mouthpieces to stands to instruments to uniforms we are after donations in gift form more than money. So If your band has anything that a Youth band or New Senior band may be able to use I would be grateful if you could reply. We currently are 1 of 4 Bands in the central Manchester area but are definitely the newest, any gifts you can offer will be grateful accepted and we will advertise your band on our links page on our new website as soon as it goes live in May​

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  2. James Yelland

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    This is all jolly interesting! May we know your identity and that of your band please?
  3. Belle Vue Brass Band

    We are a newly established band (2005) in Manchester. Awaiting website to be completed, we are currently a non contesting fourth section band with aspirations tod o minor contests in the future such as Hymn and March contest. :tup the average age of the band is around 40 however we are putting provisions in place for a junior band. We do have youngsters in the band

    Belle Vue Brass Band Manager
    Barry Ogden

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