Wanted Bach Strad Flugel (Laq)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by british1, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. british1

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    Bach strad flugel horn
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  2. Kerwintootle

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    I think I might have one for you. Checked it out tonight, has a couple of minor scratches but plays well. Can you get to Huddersfield next week to have a look?


  3. british1

    british1 Member

    Hi Alex. Really depends how much it is.
  4. _si

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    Hehe, im pretty sure a £99 scrapper would 'play well' in your hands :)
  5. Supermouse

    Supermouse New Member

    I also have a laquered Bach Strad but is like new..... had it for about 4 years, but played it for 6 months!
    Live near Buckingham.....PM me if interested.

  6. british1

    british1 Member

    Hi Sarah. Could yoiu e-mail me some photos please. Thanks
  7. Supermouse

    Supermouse New Member

    Yes. I will send you some pictures. The instrument is at my parents house so will get it at the weekend.
    Be in touch soon..... Sarah
  8. british1

    british1 Member

    Thanks Sarah
  9. british1

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  10. Hi,

    Old Hall Brass are selling one of their flugels,

    It's a silver strad, with a chopped 1st valve slide.

    Plays well.....

    PM me if interested..........

    We're wanting £800
  11. british1

    british1 Member

    I really wanted a Laquered one. However I would have a look at it, but only willing to go up to £500
  12. £500?

    Good Luck!
  13. british1

    british1 Member

    Im prepared to pay more, but only for something I really want and I would prefer a laquered one.
  14. british1

    british1 Member

    bach flugel

    Sarah. Did you manage to get any photos of the Flugel
  15. Does it have to be a bach, as we've got a Yamaha and Courtois (in lq) for sale.....?
  16. british1

    british1 Member

    Yes. Bach only
  17. Supermouse

    Supermouse New Member

    Have sent pickies to your email address.
  18. british1

    british1 Member

    Hi Sarah. Those pics didn't arrive. Do you want to check you sent them to the right address