Wanted - A Good teacher in Bucks/Berks/Surrey/London

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Flugelmahorn, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Flugelmahorn

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    Hi everyone,

    Not quite sure if this is the right place to post this thread but I'll ask anyway....

    I'm looking for a good trumpet/cornet teacher based in or around the sphere of south Bucks/Berks/Surrey or even into London. I've played in the championship section for the last 4 years and still continue to work hard on my playing at home and I think a "check up" with a good teacher would be really beneficial.

    Does anyone have any contacts/ideas?

    Many thanks

  2. Ffion Flugel

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    Hi Ali

    Have you thought about Richard Wainwright in Chesham?
  3. Bones

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    I'm sending you a PM with a number. My father in law, Calvin Downey is a Peri in the Surrey/Kingston area. He's one of those naturally talented blokes, great pianist, trombonist, trumpet, sax, conductor. I'd really hate him would it not be for the fact I'm married to his daughter. If he's not the sort of teacher you are looking for, he's pretty well connected with the scene down there and will definitely point in the right direction. Beware he's completely musically eccentric in a loveable way, and has not a clue how to use t'internet, so mentioning the mouthpiece would mean absolutely nothing to him. But if you tell him you got his number from me (Rich Walker, son in law) and are looking for a trumpet teacher he will guide you.

    Have fun.

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  4. PeterBale

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    You could also pm trumpetmike, as that is his neck of the woods, and he may well be able to come up with some suggestions.
  5. NeilW

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    There's also a new peri at Wycombe Music Centre - my son is having lessons with him but I believe he's "low" brass. I haven't met him yet, but I'm told he's OK - might go and say "hello" tomorrow (today!)....

  6. trumpetmike

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    I'm sure I could.

    Something I would suggest before you contact anyone is to have some specific questions as to what you are after.
    You should also be ready for whatever they say, be it positive or negative.

    I have given a few consultation lessons and have often found that older players are not so keen on someone saying that they might be doing something wrong, or that there might be a better way of approaching a certain problem. One consultation lesson is a very difficult situation for both parties - both sides have only a limited amount of time to make assesments - one is trying to show off all the good aspects of their playing, the other is trying to hear through the display element and hear what problems might be lurking beneath.

    It is often useful to have a couple of things prepared for a first lesson or a consultation. Some teachers ask for specific things (pieces, exercises, scales etc), others will ask you to bring a couple of things along. If they ask the latter, I would recommend taking contrasting styles, possibly including something that you might fell is not your strongest element - that way they might be able to suggest some ways for you to improve the weaker aspects of your playing (this does mean that you might have to admit to yourself beforehand that there are some flaws in your technique, something which many players have problems with).

    If you have specific goals for your playing this is a very useful thing to tell the teacher - that gives you both somewhere to aim for.
  7. Flugelmahorn

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    Hi everyone,

    just a quick note to say thanks to you all for taking the time and effort to reply and make suggestions. It has given me plenty of food for thought and plenty of PMs to reply to...!

    Thanks again.