Wanted: 1st cornet for quartet, N London/Herts/Beds/A1M corridor

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  1. Wanted: 1st cornet player for brass quartet, N. London/Herts/Beds/A1(M) corridor

    The EPB brass quartet is seeking a good quality first (B flat) cornet player for regular rehearsals. There is a sizeable but largely unknown repertoire for brass quartet - our primary purpose is to explore and enjoy it, with a view to occasional public performance.

    The quartet has been meeting on an ad hoc basis for more than two years but we would now like to commit ourselves to more regular rehearsals, the exact days, times, locations etc. to be determined by mutual agreement.

    We play music up to difficulty level C/D on the “A to E” scale (or up to level 6 on the “1 to 9” scale) although we sometimes attempt more difficult works. So while you do not need to be of ‘superstar’ status, strong chops and a sense of leadership would be a distinct advantage, as would an interest in brass chamber music.

    The quartet has a growing library which currently holds more than 80 good quality pieces covering the 16th to 20th centuries, including light concert music and more substantial works from both the classical and brass band repertoires. You will need to supply your own instrument, mutes etc.

    If this sort of opportunity interests you and you would like to know more, please contact me at


    or by private message.