Want to trade: Spada-Bach C 256 for baroque trumpet

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by TrumpetNick, May 4, 2010.

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    Antalya, Turkey
    I would like to trade my Spada-Bach C 256 trumpet (tuning bell, amado keys, stops on 1st and 3rd slide, 2LQ TT leadpipe, gold and silver plating) for an Egger (or comparable quality) Baroque trumpet in D (Ehe) preferably with additional crooks/slides for C or E flat.

    Here is a picture:


    The reason to look for a trade is that at the moment a baroque trumpet would be much more useful to me than a C trumpet, though the above is a customized trumpet of a very high quality, which is why I would trade for a comparable quality baroque trumpet. I ( and the trumpet, of course) am located in Vidin (Bulgaria) but willing to ship internationally for the right offer.

    Additional photos/details can be supplied, if needed.

    For dummies: Rene Spada has similar reputation in Central/Northern Europe as Smith-Watkins and Will Spencer in UK. For more info in German: http://www.spadamusic.ch/content/default.asp?txtParentID=2&txtCatID=37 and http://www.spadamusic.ch/content/default.asp?txtCatID=45&txtParentID=1&txtLangID=1

    I will be more than happy to throw in a New V. Bach or DW trumpet mouthpiece (available sizes: Bach-1 1/2C, 3C and 3, DW - 1C and MM1.5C) in exchange for a baroque trumpet mouthpiece Egger S or SI rim sizes from 6-9, ST2 or ST4 or anything similar.
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