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  1. P. Sanderson

    P. Sanderson Member

    I have been approached by a promotions company to try and find 2 Cornet/Trumpet players, and a drummer to attend 16 Superleage matches during the forthcoming season.

    If any of you Yorkshire players are interested contact me by E Mail at yhbba@aol.com for further details.

    They are trying to form a band similar to the England supporters band.

    This is a genuine offer not a scam.

    If you are at Skegness this weekend, feel free to approach me then. I will be around the second section contest most of the day on Saturday.

    P. Sanderson
  2. P. Sanderson

    P. Sanderson Member

    It appears that they have also been talking to Tabby.
    She tells me that all the players have now been found.

    P. Sanderson
  3. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    Which team, out of curiosity?
  4. brass journo

    brass journo Member

    all of them - it's for all the superleagues fixtures between Feb and October.

    the majority of gigs have been sorted but if anyone is interested in going on the list for gigs across the North and some at Wembley - please e-mail me on the e-mail address below.


  5. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    I wouldn't mind if there's any in the North West but by the sounds of it ^^ they aren't.

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