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    Hi Guys,
    I would like to first introduce. Im Jayaram(call me Jay jus as u wud pronounce J). I come from India, and I am a part of a Band here which usually plays Concert music and arranged music. We havent yet ventured into jazz and solo although we would like to and we are aiming at it. We have quite a few members in the band.. and we have two baritone sax players, two tenor players, 4 altos, 7 to 10 trumpet players, 6 clarinets, 3 flutes, percussionists.. and also we have two professional musicians associated with us teaching us music. We are just a amateur band coming up and we are in need of some instruments Just to begin with I would like to see if i can procure good trumpets.. which need not be professional but a student trumpet would do the job well. So if anyone can tell me how I can procure a good student trumpet for a cheap cost I would be thankful to you. Incidentally.. I recently bought a CR700 Vincent Bach Student Cornet with a 6c VB mouth piece. I am finding it comfortable but anyone has any idea about the quality of this cornet please let me know. I have heard that this cornet is usually used by students for practice in the beginning stages and also used in bands. Just as a small information, Our Band had one of the greatest legends who taught us music - Maynard Ferguson. Who unfortunately is no more alive. But we learn't a lot of music from him.

    thankx a ton,

    J :)
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    [imgleft]http://www.themouthpiece.com/images/india.gif[/imgleft]Hey Jay, a big welcome to you to tMP. :hi

    Our very first member from India I do believe...