Waltzing Matilda

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by listerbo, Jul 1, 2013.

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    none of those links work! Probably quicker and easier if you just contact whoever posted the recording and ask them....
  5. katieeuph

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    The only version I've ever come across is one by (I think!) Edrich Siebert, that I used to do with my school brass band. I don't think it's the same version as this, though, sorry. That answer wasn't really much help to you at all, was it?! :rolleyes:
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    Yes I have done so - not even this link works????? - I get it OK. https://soundcloud.com/mokwork/waltz...m_medium=email
    Tnaks for your reply
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    Well thanks a million this was actually very useful as I have discovered that Siebert wrote March of the Cobblers and a whole lot of other stuff! Thanks
  8. Accidental

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    erm, March of the Cobblers was written by Robert Barratt.

    (I haven't played any Siebert stuff for years but if memory serves it was pretty much all arrangements rather than compositions - no surprise if MotC was one of them I guess!)
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    Thanks for the info.....:)
  10. James Yelland

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    He certainly wrote quite a lot of old cobblers (Brass Band Boogie comes to mind). An easy mistake to make.
  11. listerbo

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    :D thanks for the info I might just give up on him now!!
  12. nigeb12

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    Gordon Langford did an arrangement too (which is pretty good). It's not that one though
  13. listerbo

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    Yes thanks I have heard Langford's arrangement and it nice but I REALLY like this snippet. :clap:
  14. Bob Sherunkle

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    Edrich Siebert. Never forget is also famous for his big hit in Australia (1973) called "The Marrow Song (Oh What A Beauty!)"

    Unlikely as it may seem, I promise this is true.

    You can look it up, and I seem to remember find a link to the amusing (ish) ditty wot he wrote!

    Go on then....
  15. nethers

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    Sweet Jeebus, you're right! I guess after this masterpiece Siebert realised he had peaked and retired to cheesy arrangements.

    Most Australian bands have a march called 'Waltzing Matilda' which isn't terrible on parade. Can't remember who wrote it sadly. The band I used to conduct there would perform in on ANZAC Day/Australia Day etc.
  16. fartycat

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    Philip Wilby has also written a rather brilliant jazz waltz version, bit hard though! Not sure it's published, he wrote it for Dyke's tour of Australia a few years ago.
  17. listerbo

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    Thanks for this invaluable information!!! :)
  18. James Yelland

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    Of course, the composer of such classics as The Marrow Song and Brass Band Boogie wrote them under a pseudonym. Very wise of him.
  19. listerbo

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    thanks for the tip

    Thanks for the tip. I will follow it up anyway!:)
  20. pedaller

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    Edrich Siebert also arranged the Verdi overture Sicilian Vespers - still a technical tour de force, so he wasn't all bad!

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