Walking up the Pennine Way...

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by NeilW, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. NeilW

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    ... is something I've wanted to do for years and I think I might get around to it this summer (if it ever looks like we're going to get more than 1 dry day at a time!).

    I'm planning to start from the southern end in Edale probably on a Friday and then do 10-20 miles a day and see how far I get. I may be being wildly optimistic in my distance plan, but I certainly USED to be able to do 25+ miles in a day :)

    So which bands are within easy reach of the way and when do you/they practice? I was thinking it might be nice to pop in and say hello / listen or even play if they'll let me (I can carry mouthpieces in my rucksack, but not a euph or a baritone, so you'd have to lend me one!).

    Might even join in for a beer afterwards as I'm not driving :)

  2. ian_raisbeck

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    alternative walk

    When you've conquered the Pennine Way try the Coast to Coast walk, much more contrasting scenary and a fantastic experience.
  3. strongbow

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    Glossop Band or Tintwistle Band are at the start of your route
  4. NeilW

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    Both my wife and sister-in-law have already walked from Carlisle to Lindisfarne already on Northern Cross which is one reason why I fancy a different route :)

    Whilst I know Glossop Old, I don't know which nights either they or Tintwhistle rehearse....

  5. strongbow

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    Glossop Old rehearse Tuesday and Thursday 8.15 to 10.15 and there is a bar for anyone wanting to partake of a little refreshment! Not sure about Tintwistle as it doesn't say on their website.
  6. Rach_Horn

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    I walked this with my parents and a group of their friends quite a few years ago now. We started in Leeds as far as i remember and walked on average 20 miles a day for a week.... we did the cotswolds way a year or so later....really good walk and Bath is a lovely place to finish!!!

    Enjoy it :)
  7. NeilW

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    Well the plan has formed!

    Friday night (21/9) I plan to be in Crowden (which is quite close to Glossop, but not a night they practice and I know them having played Whit Friday with them a couple of years ago... :-( )

    Saturday 22/9 Standedge (Marsen / Diggle area but can't see when either practice!)

    Sunday 23/9 Hebden Bridge - who I think rehearse on Sundays :)

    Monday 24/9 Ponden (Oakworth / Haworth area)

    Tuesday 25/9 Thornton-in-Craven (Earby areas)

    Wednesday 26/9 Malham

    Thursday 27/9 Horton-in Ribblesdale

    Friday 28/9 Hawes

    Saturday 29/9 Keld

    Sunday 30/9 Bowes (Barnard Castle look like they practice one Sundays :) )

    Then home for a rest :)
  8. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Good luck and have fun, I did the pennine way about 10 years ago.
    If this dry weather holds out it should be really good ground conditions which is always a big help. I had superb weather all the way and loved it.
  9. Bayerd

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    Marsden normally practise on weds and fridays, 8-10. Diggle normally practise on a tuesday. Both have clubs with bars:p