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    MR Eric Thomas - Wakefield Area Brass Teacher

    Hi everyone, up North!!!!

    Trying to find if anyone has any news on my old brass teacher, Eric Thomas (or Mr T). He was a cornet/trumpet player

    He lived in Wakefield but taught at most schools that had brass (I was a Batley high (78 - 81), I believe he had a connection with the old Yorkshire Bus Co Band, and various dance bands around Batley and Osset (including AJ Big Band and the Ray Martine big Band - now theres a blast from the past).

    To be honest i don't think r T will still be with us, however, if anyone does have any news i would be grateful, that I may be able to visit him on my next trip up 'ome.

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    Just a BUMP!! to allow this request to be viewed by people who may have missed it

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    last and final BUMP
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    Not sure if it'll be any use, but I can ask my mum if she knows anthing, she taught at Batley High School. I can try her when she gets home.

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