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    The Trusts Waitakere Brass Band are delighted to announce the signing of Eb Tuba player Stuart Bennion. Stu joins the band from local rivals Dalewool, following 12 years of loyal service, and is looking forward to an exciting future with the Waitakere band under their new musical director Steven Booth.

    Yet another UK import, Stu hails from Wales where, at the age of five he started playing the tenor horn. He moved to Flugel, then euphonium and finally settled on Eb Bass. Stu played with many UK bands including the very successful Beaumaris Band, until a move to New Zealand in 1993 saw him join Auckland City for a short period, before moving to Dalewool. During his time in Dalewool Stu made a significant contribution to many New Zealand and Australian titles, proving himself to be one of New Zealand’s finest Eb Tuba players, with a superb sound and excellent technique.

    Stu is a fantastic bandsman and a very popular character, and is very actively involved in the organisational side of the band. In his own words Stu is “A more vocal member of the band (never stops talking!)”. Stu is always full of fun, sometimes a little too much!

    The Trusts Waitakere Band welcomes his talking (and singing) along with his awesome playing abiity as he starts a new chapter in his playing career.
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