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    This is my first post so apologies if I am in the wrong place. I am looking to buy a number of plain black waistcoats for our band. Can anyone recommend a supplier please? Thanks.
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    Welcome Marty999! :hi

    There is a dedicated maker of brass band uniforms which has been operating for donkeys years. They used to be called Brayshaws but were bought out by a company called Handley. I'm sure they could sort you out.

    However, many bands nowadays are looking elsewhere because of the cost of Handley's British-made stuff. If it's cheaper stuff you're after, you might try an office/catering supplies company. Viking Direct often have work clothing in their catalogue and might be worth a look.

    Best of luck!
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    Well impressed with the instant response!

    Wow what a superb instant response!

    Bass Trumpet - Handleys supply our uniforms and can offer waistcoats and Im' sure their quality is superb, but their minimum order is too high for us and we'd like something cheaper really.

    Kinrao - I like the look of Get Shirty, worth checking out.

    Cheers folks.
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    I can highly recommend Get Shirty. When I was at the Scottish Co-op (about eight years ago) we changed from traditional jackets to shirts and waistcoats. At that time we bought all new waistcoats and shirts (plus extras) for the price of three stage jackets.

    Good luck
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    I'd not recommend waistcoats to any band.

    Dressing rooms are not good places to put valuables during a performance.

    Waistcoats don't have enough pockets of the right size to let you take your valuables (wallet and mobile phone) on stage with you.

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    Have a word with Dave Ashworth at Fanfare North, he has supplied us with Walking out Jackets and Waistcoats at a price that makes others look very greedy.

    They advertised on Tmp. Look for their top banner.
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