Voigt-Wallace Soprano Cornet

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    I've just read The Brass Herald and there was a picture of a new soprano cornet by John Wallce in connection with Jurgen Voigt. I've tried the Wallace Collection website and the Voigt website but no real mention of the sop.

    I am looking for a new sop and this might be the one. Anyone know of suppliers?

    Who is having trade stands at the Masters? I'll be there with Brisbane Excelsior.


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    Haven't seen the new Wallace sop yet Alex, but have you tried a Blackburn. Pricey, but well worth the money.
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    The new Sop was at a trade stand at the Europeans in Belfast (I'm fairly sure it was Band Supplies!) where John was displaying some new mutes and the Sop.

    It looks lovely, albeit a slightly different shape from the usual Schilke/Yam style because the tuning slide is on the first bend after the mouthpiece pipe rather than by the mouthpiece itself. It's got some snazzy new 'nudge' water keys which seem quite cool.

    The valve caps were plain metal rather than being embedded with ivory or whatever we usually get.

    I had a real quick toot on it and it seemed quite nice to play but I didnt get the immediate joy that my Schilke gives (brand new with Berylium bell - *grins*), but I'd imagine it's the type of instrument to try out for a longer period and see if it turns into a personal favourite.

    I'll let you know if the beer haze clears and I remember who was showing for him.....I'm sure it was Band Supplies cos of the Glasgow connection?


    Paul Field
    Portishead Town Band

    p.s. Hope to be at the NZ Nationals!
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    It was definitely Band Supplies - right on the end near to the Bar... It did indeed look nice - circular finger rings and Saturn water keys...