Viva Birkinshaw

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    Hi all,

    Need some background info on the above march urgently!!

    Any help gratefully received.


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    Heard years ago that it was written in tribute to a celebrated cornet player.

    Reckon it must be something to do with this chap - - or maybe this chap - (if they are not the same person) - but the dates seem too early for William Rimmer (1862-1936) to have celebrated his playing in this way. This GFB is "sr.", so maybe it was his son?

    Ah, and adventures on Google... Here's the answer:
    However in 1856 a fresh start was made with a Doncaster Plant Works Band, again a brass ensemble, that was conducted by George Birkinshaw (father of a similarly named leading cornet player with the world famous Black Dyke Mills Band and celebrated in William Rimmer's march Viva Birkinshaw!)."

    So it seems that George Birkinshaw jr. must have been the eponymous hero.
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    Many thanks - that was quick and informative!