Vitae Lux

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    Can anybody please help? I need to know some information about this piece. I've looked on the internet, and i've found the words of the song in Latin (which one of my players is going to translate for me) but i don't know any more about it. I've found info on the composer and arranger, but nothing else. And the notes inside the score are all in Norwegian (so if there are any Norwegians on here...?).
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    It was originally a solo written for Norwegian Trumpet player Ole Edvard Antonsen (sp) , and used on his early 1990's CD "Tour De Force" I remember Bjorn Sagstad while conducting Point of Ayr brought a set down in late 1992 and letting my brother have a copy of the CD.great piece but the original takes some beating.
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    Karl, I work with a Norwegian. Let me know if we can help.

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    I have the sleevenotes for Antonsen's Vitae Lux here ... but no lyrics!

    "My dear friend Frode (Alnaes) wrote this song many years ago. He played it for me at a party and I immediately asked him to let me record it on my album. I feel that the result is exciting, with a musical span ranging from open classical trumpet to a more rock-inspired backing in the middle part and Latin lyrics sung by a Norwegian folk musician."

    ... Ole plays C and piccolo trumpets on this track. Album is 'tourdeforce' (1992, EMI 0777 7 54852 2 6)

    found something ...

    Vitae Lux (Latin lyrics)
    Melody: Frode Alnæs
    Lyrics: Ivar Dyrhaug

    Vitae lux
    Vitae vis
    Unde spes vigens
    Duc sub nocte per umbras
    Firmentur pedes

    Mox intrat
    Mortis vis valet
    Anget vitae semita
    Ne nos occultet

    Vitae Lux (Norwegian lyrics)
    By Ivar Dyrhaug

    Livets lys
    Livets kraft
    Gi oss håp og mot
    Led oss i den mørke natt
    Hjelp oss å slå rot

    Senker seg
    Dødens makt er stor
    Smal og bratt er livets vei
    Hjelp oss sette spor
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    it means light of life or something similar I believe - damn good piece though - we love it at band!

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    Agreed - my wife walked up the aisle to it!!
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    Right, I'll have a bash at translating. I must apologise if I get it wrong it has been a few years now.

    Life's light
    Life's power
    Give us hope and courage
    lead us into the dark night
    Help us to beat a path

    Death's power is strong
    Narrow and abrupt is life's way
    Help us to set the right track

    Hope this helps, it is a rough translation. I think Stavanger were the first brass band to play it back in 1996 ( I was there) we played it at Spennymoor that year and interest in the piece was massive.


  8. stotty74

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    Thanks for everybody's help on this. I've had the Latin translated by one of my players' latin teacher, which is very similar to AK's , so well remembered :clap:

    The light of life
    The force of life
    From where (is) flourishing hope
    Lead (us) during the night through the darkness
    Let our feet be strengthened

    He enters soon
    The force of death says goodbye
    The path of life increases
    Let it (death) not conceal/hide us

    She did not recognise the word 'anget', so she thought it should be auget, which means increases.

    Once again, thanks for all your help.
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    There's a bit more information here (particularly on the composer's background):

    [Edit: sorry, didn't spot that someone else had already included this link :oops: ]

    The page also includes a link to a short sound clip from the original (?) vocal version, upon which the Aagaard-Nilsen version is supposedly based.

    There's also a link to Frode Alnaes's own website, but, strangely, one doesn't seem to be able to access it without a username and password, and there's no clue as to how to get one!

    Still, might help ...
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