Virtuosi trombones.... a question.

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    Apologies to any members of the forum who may recognise this posting from there.
    There was a posting some while ago on the virtuosi euphonium.
    Anyone out there got any experience in this make's trombones?

    I am going to have to sell my trombone (Getzen Custom Jazz model) [​IMG] and a couple of other instruments to get my wife a new tenor horn as hers just died! (an accident involving the horn, a sofa, the floor, my 22 month old son and the words "all fall down!"

    Altough I mostly play Euphonium just now , I have no intention of quitting trombone and am looking at getting myself another trombone for as little money as poss.

    I have been looking at the virtuosi range of instruments and know that the tenor horns and Euphs are mean't to be pretty good (design is based on Sovereign model of the horn). Does anyone out there know how they play?

    Can't really just go and have a shot of one as the shops that sell them are both in Englandshire.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    We at Jedforest had a demonstration night a week or two ago from the Virtuosi team, and although the valve players were quite impressed, I found the trombones pretty heavy going.
    If you're looking for a reasonably priced trombone, I cannot see past the Yamaha YSL 354 - it's what I play, and it works for me!!


    Thanks a lot Alan, will do just that.:D
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    Our principle trombone player bought a Virtuosi as he thought it would be ideal for his Jazz gigs around the pubs i.e. it wouldn't matter if it picked up a few dings being so cheap and it looked to be a straight copy of a good well known make.

    He kept it all of two weeks - nuff said.
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    Someone i know tried one.. constantly flat for everyone who had a blow, awful sound... wouldnt really bother tbh..
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    Can you not pick up a good second hand one on e.g. Ebay?

    I bought a great condition Bb/F King 3B from a local music shop for about £450 last year... any good local shops near to you?
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    From what has been said above, I think that I may well do that. The best trombone I have ever played was my old 1980's King 3B. How I regret selling it now!:(


    Well, ....
    A new Virtuosi Tenor Horn arrived for my wife yesterday.

    No scratches, dents or faults seena s yet . Jill played it at band and it thrilled with it. Miles better than the other horns that she had been playing over the last few years (including Sovereign Courtois and her old besson 400 that died last week R.I.P.:cry: ): good joints, laquer, valve action and good sound.

    Once she has played it for a couple of weeks, I will post again to let you know what she thinks.