Virtuosi - The Fairey FP (Music) Band

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    We are pleased to congratulate the Fairey FP (Music) Band on their triumph at the National Championships on Saturday.

    As if on cue, we released their latest CD, Virtuosi, on Saturday too!

    This is a showcase for their talented soloists; Kevin Crockford, Ian Porthouse, Neil Hewson, Owen Farr, Gareth Brindle, Kevin Gibbs and Morgan Griffiths.

    Here's the link to this title on our website;
  2. Heather

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    In that case, will you please release one of our Bands' CDS on the day of the North West Areas next year?.......thanks!!
  3. johnflugel

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    Does anyone have a track listing for this CD? Who is conducting it?

    Rothwell Temps
  4. lynchie

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    Euphonium Fantasia (Bulla);
    Share My Yoke;

    Caprice for Cornet;

    Embraceable You;

    The Three Trumpeters;

    Serenade from Les Millions D'Arlequin;


    Carnival of Venice;

    Donegal Bay;




    Someone Cares;

    Pie Jesu (Lloyd Webber)

    Concerto for Horn (Bellini)
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    Conductors are Bryan Hurdley and Howard Snell.
    The track listing is available on the link. I was trying to save time by not adding the track listing this time!
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    Sorry 'world of brass' but my work PC won't allow me access to your website for some strange reason, so I could not check

  7. beard_4b

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    caprice for cornet a fine solo from the pen of william himes (also wrote jubilance and i'd rather have Jesus).

    I managed to acquire the music for it a few weeks ago, its quite an easy little number aswell, shame it is published yet - is there any hope of this in the near future?
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    I have checked with our editorial people.
    There are no immediate plans to publish Caprice for Cornet in the Salvation Army journals in the UK.
    So far, Bill Himes has retained the copyright to this piece so it could be that he decides to publish it in his own USA Central Salvation Army Band Journal.
    I note that you ' managed to acquire the music' recently.
    As Bill Himes has the copyright for the piece, I hope that you obtained it direct from him!

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