virtuosi bass trombones

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bobbyp, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. bobbyp

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    Has anyone played on any of the virtuosi bass trombones, either the VB-730L Bb/F Large Bore or the VB-731L Bb/F Bass Trombone. They are quite cheap and was just wondering if they were any good?? Looking for a good cheap second study instrument :)
  2. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    I have a couple of Virtuosi instruments (not the ones you're looking at) and I think they are excellent value for money, far out-performing what you'd expect at the price.
  3. Bassbones

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    Not tried either but my cousin has a Bb/F tenor which was great value for money and she loves dearly and my significant other is using on of their mouthpiece which she also likes.
    Give Shaun a ring he's a top bloke and will likely be able to sort you a couple to compair.
  4. Basstiger

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    I recently bought a Virtuosi Bb and F trombone for £100 off ebay as I am sometimes asked to play tenor trombone, and I think it's fantastic. The tone quality is great and I can get a better sound out of it than I could out of my old Bach Strad 42B, plus it is a lot lighter to carry!
  5. Vegasbound

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    IMHO you should look at a single plug Yamaha such as the 321.....a good solid blow quality instrument, ideal when you need something a little lighter.
  6. tubagod

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    my brother in-law tried the virtuosi bass trom some while ago, although he did find it easy to blow, there was a problem with the valves, they too close together, so you could´nt hold it comfortly enough if you had large hands... i dont know if they fixed this..

  7. MoominDave

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    Take it to a repairer, get them to bend the levers - job done?