Virgin on the ridiclious

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    Sorry to moan, but has anyone else fell foul of this..?

    Having spoken to Virgin last July, I was told that I could extend my £160 experience voucher for a further period for £20. All well and good, as I couldn't use it at that time, I asked the specific question at the time if I could use the voucher toward a different experiences at a later date, during my extension period. I was specifically told that I could have anything up to the value of the £160, even split it between 3 or 4 cheaper experiences.

    This sounded ideal, so paid the twenty pounds.

    Just tried to book the two experiences I wanted, after awaiting a suitable opportunity and have been told that I have a voucher for the original experience or a voucher worth £20...which is NOT transferable.

    I feel gutted, I feel the conversation with them last July actually missold me a product and that the attitude of "Customer Services" was really patronising and unhelpful.

    All I would say, is think twice before buying one of these, unless you know it's exactly what the person wants and it can be used in the timeframe...

    Virgin.. another giant eating up little people...

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    Its one of things where you have to prove it and a telephone conversation proves nothing. I had a similar experience with a building society where they misinformed me. I just move my business elsewhere. But it was clear what it says in the terms and conditions. Its one of them things.
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    My motto is "Always get a name"

    Doesn't solve everything, but it could help in some cases.