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  1. MRSH

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    Is anybody else suffering from the pathetic squabble between Sky and Virgin Media?

    I was watching 24 tonight and for the first time it had a ridiculous running commentary :eek: and it cut out after 37 minutes. I am NOT happy.

    I'm with Virgin Media (used to be Telewest) and since they took over the service has nose-dived.

    Virgin's side of the argument can be seen HERE.

    Customers comments can be seen HERE

    To be perfectly honest I cannot care less what their arguments are so long as they provide the service I want. Sky One and Sky Sports News is a service I want so if they cannot provide that I will think seriously about migrating to Sky.

    Anyone else suffering?
  2. Bryan_sop

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    I'm with (what was) NTL.. I was watching daytime TV (I was on nights at the time) and the program I was watching stopped.....

    Turns out anything that wasn't terrestrial was blocked for about half an hour, and the phones stopped working just at the same time too...coincidence???
  3. timbloke

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    We were with Telewest and so far have not had any problems... touch wood. Although as long as I can still watch Lost on Sky One I'm not fussed. I'd even consider buying a freeview box as well. I looked at the new Virgin Central Channel, which they've been advertising. Got the choice of four old episodes of Little Britain, some old episodes of a few American series I didn't recognise and something else. Absolutely nothing of interest to me. I hope they improve the range of programmes on it.
  4. Flutey

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    We're with Telewest... and still are! Don't seem to have Virgin Media yet!
  5. rutty

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    I like Virgin Media's stance against Sky, although I can also understand their customers' dissatisfaction with the whole thing.

    I was with NTL, so am now a Virgin Media customer. I don't actually watch much Sky One and I think my two housemates both tend to watch other channels too. I'd rather that Virgin Media took this stance and get a better deal then allow Sky to rip them, and us, off. Sky have far too big a hold on the non-terrestrial market, and I do hope that Virgin Media can provide an improvement in the old NTL services to cut into their position.

    More competition is good for the customer, and I'm not liking Sky's almost blackmail approach
  6. WhatSharp?

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    TBH the only thing I watch on Sky one is Battlestar Galactica. Whilst I'm not happy that I'm going to miss the rest of the season, I looked at the cost of Sky and it's just ridiculous when compared to Virgin Media. On the surface it looks OK, but if you want something similar to Teleport and Reply it comes out at around £50 a month! and you have to pay £100 for the box ( a Sky+ box ) AND then pay for BT to reconnect you for a phone line!.

    Personally I think Sky is getting WAY too greedy, demanding twice the price for an inferior channel is just pure greed. I have a feeling that Virgin will launch it's own channel showing Sky one shows and that'll be Sky dead in the water.
  7. postie

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    I agree with you very good thing that Virgin Media are at least taking a definate stance against Sky. I think the Office of Fair Trading should have taken a look at Sky a long time ago regarding their monopoly on everything.
  8. Will the Sec

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    Maybe, but it'll be a cold day in hell before someone making a product for TV will be made to give their programmes away on any terms other than their own.

    An unfair monopoly is one thing - commercial market forces are another.
  9. bassinthebathroom

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    I work in Credit and Collections for Virgin Media, so hopefully I can provide some more information.
    Sky have recently massively increased the amount of money that they wanted Virgin Media to pay for the right to broadcast the Sky standard channels (i.e. Sky 1, 2, News, Sports News) though the premium subscription channels (Movies, Sports) remain unaffected. Virgin refused to pay the increase (and pass it on to their customers) so the channels will be discontinued from the Virgin Media packages at midnight Wednesday unless a deal is reached. The loss of revenue suffered by Sky through this will undoubtedly be passed on to their customers in due course.
    Bryan, sounds like you were restricted... you been paying your bills? :biggrin: No seriously, faults like that usually affect a whole exchange area, and if not then there may be a fault with your cable or box. If your neighbours didn't suffer any problems, and it happens again you should contact the Faults Department. PM me for info, and I can point you in the right direction!
    Tim, as far as we know Virgin are looking to buy a lot of content for Virgin Central as soon as possible, so hopefully it won't be too long!
    Flutey, you should be at least billed by Virgin Media now (unless your last bill was issued in the first week of February, in which case you won't have a new Virgin one yet) though I do think that in some areas and on some boxes the new Virgin Media programme guide isn't up yet - not 100% sure though, not really my area!
    Rutty, couldn't agree more! B****y Murdoch! And yes, although it will probably take some time (old (bad) habits die hard) the 'ntl-isms' are slowly being ironed out!
    WhatSharp, you're right there. Aside from the range of channels, which is admittedly very good, I've never understood the attraction of the Sky-high prices! (Think I missed my vocation writing headlines for the Daily Mirror there! :p)
    Postie, I think Richard Branson has complained to the OFT/OFCOM (see also the Sky/NTL/ITV battle), again not 100% sure though, but it certainly won't be the last we hear of the whole debacle.
    Also, Virgin (through it's content (programme making) division, Flextech, now Virgin Media television) owns Bravo, ftn, Living tv, Trouble and Challenge, and is looking to expand it's own programming.
    Hope some of this info has proved useful, even though it is a bit of a mammoth ramble! :D
  10. andywooler

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    Separate to the channel issues, the service when things go wrong is abysmal! I am currently without broadband service at home have been since 19th February. Engineer called on 23/2 and decided he couldn't be bothered to replace the cable inside the house because his worksheet told him the error was outside. Next available fix date 9th March - 17 days after original fault reported. Totally unacceptable. And as for customer services/faults/enginers etc, each time they get to the point where they don't want to speak with you anymore, it's the "I'll pass you over to someone else who can help" - they don't tell the person why they have put you through and you have to repeat the whole sorry story. 4 times on Friday when I rang to try and get an earlier date than 9/3.
    Amongst the excuses: "Our engineers are busy because of the large number of new accounts generated by the merger" - sorry, Virgin's problem, not mine!! Look after your existing customers!
    "We have less engineers now" - excuse me but which idiot reduced the number of engineers then advertised for new customers?
    And don't get me started on the pricing - the deals for new customers are significantly less than those for existing accounts.
    Then the "we'll give you a refund for the period you have had no service - but according to our records, you've already had one recently" - yes, that was a refund due to them overcharging me for over 6 months.

    If I had a choice, I would switch providers right now. But I have websites hosted on ntl servers, the telephone number change needs to be synchronised with a new BT service etc etc so it's not that straightforward.

    This is one very poorly managed company - I for one am not fooled that by adding the Branson name to it that anything will change overnight. The old "ntl'isms" as mentioned earlier will not die out until the people are properly trained in how to deal with and retain customers!! hurrumph!!!!!
  11. WhatSharp?

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    Andy, were you in a former NTL or Telewest area? I've had nothing but first class service from Telewest, never had any trouble with getting through to customer service ( on the 2 occasions I've needed to ) and they've always been polite and easy to deal with.

    NTL however was a whole different story, I've lost count of the number of people I knew who had real issues with NTL ( one engineer left the cable draped across the driveway cause his "mate" had the cutter at another job! ).

    Don't forget that up until a few months ago this was two companies one well managed but lacking infrastructure ( Telewest, who came out of the old analogue Cable and Wireless ) and the other with all the infrastructure but really awful service.
  12. Virgin Media customers - no more sky one!!

    Are any other Virgin customers feeling cheated right now?
    We are now going to be paying the same amount for a tv package which doesn't include sky one, so can't watch the only programme which i avidly watch (lost)!!

    Bring back sky one!
  13. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    Well folks for those not getting martins money tips, have a look at this thread on his forum.

    I've just phoined up and been offered an upgrade in service from their L package to XL package
    As there was nothing extra that i would consider watching on there myself i didn't take it i did try pushing it a bit but they warn't interested.

    the misses has just come home and told me they have upgraded sombody elses Broadband speed so i'll be back on the phone again!!!
  14. aimee_euph

    aimee_euph Member

    yeh i agree with the paying full whack for no Sky1.

    Really annoyed! We enquired about the V+ before xmas, and was told there were 2options. 1 - £75 ONE OFF payment for installation or 2 - £15 to keep existing box and then have the V+ installed. comes 16th Jan. They comes and install it for us, everything is fun with 1HD channel (despite being told that all the Fimflex would be in HD too...)

    "We get all the Sky channels and other ones in HD format onthe 14th Feb" says the installer...oh brill we think! 14th Feb = still only BBC HD and 1film in HD on FilmFlex.

    So i get the bill...charged for BOTH installation and double box rental. Turns out it's right and was misinformed about the correct information. What do i get in return...only 37.50...half of installation fee.

    Not happy, but constantly on hold so not very impressed and cant do much about it.

    Seems it has only gone **** since the merger. NTL were fine with me.
  15. NeilW

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    Not being in an area that is covered by cable (as I presume a large proportion of the country is...) I don't really care! Cable only covers (some bigger) towns - and in consequence they're a relatively small customer base - hence Sky will try and charge them more for programming (no "economy of scale")

    If you want Sky channels, buy a Sky package!!

    Otherwise, Virgin Media will go the same way as On/ITV Digital did with their ridiculous football deals that were simply too expensive for their customer base (yes, I was one of them...)

    I don't have anything against Virgin, having had (several of) their mobiles for years.

    (and if Mr Branson, being a close "neighbour" would like to sponsor our band we'd love to talk to him :clap: )

    Interestingly, folk in the office who were NTL customers never seemed to be able to get through to their customer services departments - phones left on "speaker" listening to musak for ages.... (at least I THINK Oxford/Didcot were NTL...)
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  16. Nuke

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    I had Telewest services in Liverpool a Loong time ago before they even merged with NTL.

    I never had a problem with the telewest customer service at all and the TV, internet and phone at that time were 30 quid a month for each, which between three of us was cheap.

    I think it is hurrendous that sky can just stop supplying its channels to Virgin media. I also was flicking through the paper yesterday and counted 5 (yes five) adverts persuading virgin customers to switch to sky. Having had sky before, also, i can say that you are hurrendously overcharged if you want the full packeage for some channels you will NEVER actually watch so whats the point?
    Like Virgin i think has been quoting all through this polava over channels. Sky channels only make up about 3% of what is actually watched on the Virgin media service, so they werent willing to pay double for something its customers dont seem interested in.

    I'm glad in all this i just have a freeview box and the patience to wait for Lost to be shown on channel 4 (which inevitably will happen unless sky have stepped in and i dont know about it).
  17. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    Lost was the only show we watched on any of the sky channels. In fact most stuff we watch (well claire - I watch it cos she's watching it) is on Living, C4/E4/More4 and BBC1-4/News24, plus the occasional UKsomething repeat if we're bored.

    I "understand" that Lost can quite easily "obtained" from file sharing programmes, usually the day after it is shown in America/Canada. Not that I would do it myself or condone such illegal activities. But it'd be interesting to know if the amount of illegal downloads has increased since sky stopped being shown on Virgin.