Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model LT42G – Large Bore Bb/F Symphony Trombone

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    For Sale Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model LT42G – Large Bore Tenor Bb/F Symphony Trombone – circa mid 80’s vintage

    A slightly more lightweight instrument compared to Bach's other offerings, featuring a thin, gold/red brass bell and lightweight slide, this trombone allows agility without sacrificing sound.

    .547" bore, 8-1/2" one piece brass hand-hammered bell, lightweight nickel silver outer hand-slide tubes, chrome plated nickel silver inner hand-slide tubes, clear lacquer finish.
    The key to success here is the "dark colour" of sound of Vincent Bach since most other manufacturers have been unable to duplicate it.

    The slide is made from a nickel silver outer portion and chrome plated nickel inner, the LT42G provides about the best to be found in a large bore professional trombone today. All in all the Bach 42 is a fantastic trombone for any type of playing where a large bore trombone is desired.

    The current iteration of this instrument was designed and currently played by the principal trombonist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Jay Friedman.

    Get yourself a bargain gone to the ‘dark side’ need to fund Tuba! - PM if interested.
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    As a notorious Conn freak... I;ve played on this bugle and can confirm it is indeed a good one. Nice square sound and in nice condition.

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    Cheers Rich --- another beer I owe you --

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