Vincent bach megatone tuba mouthpieces

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    After 40 years on a DW1L I m thinking of finally changing to a VB 7,as the VB seems to suit my new instrument better than the DW.I noticed that there is a MEGATONE range in all the standard sizes,these are the same bore and rim as the standard but are much longer and heavier,are there any advantages of having the megatone over the standard one ?:confused:
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    I have a VB megatone 12, Awesome mouthpiece, which i play on when I'm on BBb! I get a lot deeper and richer tones out of it then a normal one. Also have a bog standard 7, and it seems to much/and big for me, Id defo recommend a 12 if you can have a blow on one.


    Thank s for that Matt..Ive been looking at the mouthpiece size charts and the VB 12 is very similar size to DW1L,I don t want a bigger or smaller mouthpiece so I ll try the VB 12 .
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    The Megatone trombone pieces also have an altered throat - not sure if that's so or not for tuba ones, but I would have guessed so. I've personally yet to like the playing effect that Megatoning a Bach mouthpiece produces - those I've tried have felt like they were less controllable than the equivalent normal model and made a less colourful noise.

    Fwiw, my money would be heavily on the throat change being the dominant effect in the contrast.
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    I have a perantucci 24+, that has a a big mass of metal similar to the 24AW megatone, it does have a big throat, at 9mm, which means that any over blowing results in a very nasty burst of the note. It really depends what you are looking for, what you want that a DW1 does not do for you. It also depends on what your new instrument is, that may have a bearing on what mouthpiece you choose. One more thing, just because the BBb tuba is a big instrument, it does not necessarily need the biggest mouthpiece to play it well, congratulations on a new instrument