Videos of brass band with vocal soloists/choirs

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  1. Gareth Glyn

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    Here are some videos which might be of interest to members of Beaumaris Band, but maybe also to others - they were made in a concert to celebrate my 60th birthday last year. I can of course supply the sheet music if anyone would like to see it.

    The first one is for band alone, and displays utterly fantastic playing by the Beaumaris band, with a truly roof-lifting finish -

    Here are some others, with various combinations of vocal participation: - Victorian 'parlour ballad' parody with [vocal] baritone soloist and choir - Big closing chorus for multiple choirs and 4 vocal soloists Continuous medley of 3 songs with children's choir - Four soloists with different songs, all of which combine for the climax

    Many, many thanks to the band, and particularly to their inspirational conductor, Gwyn M Evans.

    Gareth Glyn
  2. Archer

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    This is a live recording of one of my arrangments played by my band and assisted by lyric soprano Rachel Dyson.

    It's nice to see other bands doing this kind of stuff as well. I'm hoping to do something with a choir in the near future.