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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Columbo, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Columbo

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    Not being down with the kids, I am behind with technology! Indeed, I bought my first iPod in Feb 2009!

    I have some VHS recordings of some concerts etc that I would like to put onto DVD disk. Is there a way I can do it from a Video Recorder to my laptop (Yes,I have one of those too!) with software, leads etc, or any suggetions please. Believe me these video recordings will give any 80's enthusiast a giggle or two! Some Nationals, TV and solo standup footage.
  2. brownrob

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  3. Columbo

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    How easy and how does this work please mate. Incidentally Awesome Brute! Been kickin' some **se on it!
  4. Columbo

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    Anyone else think that BrownRob even looks Irish!?
  5. brownrob

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    Hehe, is that a compliment!?

    I was in York a few weeks ago, and a woman told me she could listen to me talk all day... hehe, seems you mainlanders like the Irish accent!

    Its easy, you install the CD, you may need a scart lead to plug into that cable. Load up the software, then play the video, and hit record on your pc, and voila!

    I use it in school to transfer all the old educational videos to digital format and it works really well for me, that the exact one i use. Hope thats useful! Have you lots of videos to transfer?
  6. Aussie Tuba

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    I use VHS player to Hard drive recorder conected to the TV. Edit out ad's frame by frame and burn to DVD.
    (Hard Drive recorder has a DVD Burner built in )
  7. HaleStorm

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    we have a machine at the school i work which has an "autodub" feature but its a VHS - DVD Combi machine, and last time i looked they were quite expensive, but that cable that rob has linked also works well, i have one at home from putting home movies onto DVDs for my mum.
  8. Columbo

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    I don't have many. Its just that I'm not good with new technology. Everyone seems to find it easy, but I always seem to get problems!
  9. brasscrest

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    Some things to remember when doing this:
    1. Video takes up a LOT of disk space. Make sure you have enough before you start!
    2. You might want to turn off your virus scanner for the duration of the process. Some of them will attempt the scan the file as it's being written, which can corrupt the file (depends on the virus software, the OS and the video processing software).
  10. brownrob

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    Yes, when I am saving to mpeg files, they usually end up about 250MB for a 20 minute school video
  11. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Good job you don't use uncompressed formats then ;)

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