VERY Rare book now available- Besses o' th' Barn Band

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    An absolute MUST READ for all brass band enthusiasts, historians, and supporters of Besses o' th' Barn Band. This book has been unavailable for generations, but has now been digitised and is available for purchase.

    Originally published in the 1890s, Joseph Hampson's classic account of this famous Lancashire band covers the period from its earliest days to its series of contest wins at the end of the Victorian era. The story includes pen portraits of the men who made Besses into one of Britain's most celebrated brass bands, as well as details of the prizes and honours they won. This charming book is the work of a true fan – a local writer who recognised with pride the music phenomenon that sprang from his community, and which would go on to conquer the world.

    With complete contest record from birth until date of publication, this book contains many photographs that have been previously unavailable and is a delightful account of the early years of one of the world's most famous bands.

    For further information and to order, please visit the following link:

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