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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by BrianT, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Just come back from a trip to London, did some of the touristy stuff I never did when I lived there. In the V&A one of the galleries has a circular hole in the ceiling, which is a hole in the floor of the gallery upstairs, and suspended in the hole is an exhibit called Breathless, which is lots of squashed-flat (using the hydraulic press from Tower Bridge, I seem to remember) brass band instruments, arranged to look like the ceiling-boss from a domed roof. The instruments are black from below and shiny from above. Very interesting (well I thought so anyway). I stood and looked up at it until I got a crick in my neck. Anyone else seen this?
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    I assume you mean this [​IMG]
  3. horn-girlie

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    wow that looks really good!!!
  4. Texus

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    makes a change from a sharp brass band.....
  5. NeilW

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    Needs a much bigger display of woodwind and string instruments to keep the perspective (not mentioning bagpipes!) :clap:
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    Andy, you could offer your services to blow them back into shape.. a couple of hours work for you and your fellow Bass Trombonists.. ;)
  7. Bass Man

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    That looks great
  8. jackocorn

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    Not bad for £50K!
    I seem to remember there being a great gnashing of the teeth over this "waste of good instruments" (most of which were destined for Pub walls anyway. Here's a link to a 4BR article that seems to sum it all up, as awell as having details about the artwork itself.

    I have not seen the work myself, but anything that gives Brass Bands a bit of publicity has to be a good thing?
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    That's brilliant! Might need to go to London now :p
  10. BrianT

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    I'd like to have have spent longer looking at this but my family dragged me off to one of the adjoining rooms. We were trying to see all twenty "don't miss" items on the V&A map and time was pressing.

    I reckon If I'd spent long enough looking I would have "got" most of what the artist was trying to communicate - the stuff about dualism between dark and light, North and South, brass bands in limbo, and so on. But I can't say the same for many of the exhibits I saw at Tate Modern, e.g. a canvas with a single razor cut slash in it. It probably took longer to write the notes detailing what the work meant than it did to actually create the work. I just don't get some modern art.
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    In my own little world of nonsense, I mused on this piece of art, read the old 4br review and also seemed to remember that Desford have a CD which features this on the cover.

    What makes me wonder is the legacy we leave behind. Whilst this is art and art is conceptual anyway, will the people of the future look back on the stuffed form of a sheep, the unmade bed and the razor slashed canvass and think the 21st century was just a bunch of bottom?
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    I too saw this at the V&A and was dragged away by family members. Since then I have been hoping that it will appear somewhere (possibly in the V&A shop) as a poster but sadly not - or does anyone know different. As I am unlikely to be able to recreate the whole effect (lacking both 50k and a large hole in my house to do it justice) I was hoping to have a nice framed poster instead ... any ideas anyone????
  13. Vickitorious

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    So.. Is that picture from below or from above...

    I dont get it! :confused: Are they hanging?
  14. Di

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    Read the first post dear. :rolleyes:
  15. Vickitorious

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    I did but I can't see it how it's hanging :(
  16. BrianT

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    The snap was taken from above looking down onto the silvery side. You can just about make out the cables if you look in the photo at the white insides of the hole. The cables are stainless steel and < 1mm, so they don't show up very clearly at all.

    I noticed on the day there's no flat sop there. (Probably 'cos there's flat sops everywhere else, I suppose). Also, at least one of the cornets has a mouthpiece in the wrong place, or a non-cornet mouthpiece. Call me picky.
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    - not too sure whether your argument justifies a username change ;)