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  1. Mesmerist

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    Verwood are the 2008 3rd section West of England Winners and are promoted to 2nd section next year.

    We rehearse in our owned Band room in Verwood which is just by the Dorset/Hampshire border. We rehearse Mondays and Thursdays 8 - 10pm (with full attendance usually).

    Currently we would love to welcome a front row cornet player as soon as possible.

    We are a busy Band and perform several concerts a year (sell out) and always have a new programme to learn. We are making a CD this summer and are off to Harrogate in September so if you think you might like to take a look at this committed hard working outfit please do make contact either by pm to myself or through our website.

    Our conductor has just won through to the National Brass Band Conductors final in June so he is pretty good and also Mr Steve Sykes comes in sometimes as our guest MD to keep us all on track.
  2. Mesmerist

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    Well it seems as if our prayers have been answered.
    A wonderful (northern) cornet player arrived on Monday and signed appropriate paper work (yes I know chickens shouldn`t be counted before ect ect but hopefully he won`t change his mind!).

    Now however we find that we will be in need of a Bflat Bass player as one of ours will be moving too far away to play for us anymore (bonny Scotland). Thank you Simon and all the best to you. X

    So if you fancy taking a look at us please pm one of us for directions and you will be made extremely welcome.
  3. Frontman

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    Congratulations on the welcomed northern cornet player. Mark has been a personal friend of mine for many many years and will be signing after playing for me at Whit Friday. I will give him his card and transfer form when he comes up. Believe you me you are getting one hell of an asset for your band. No doubt I will be coming down to visit you when we are next down at Blandford. Best wishes to all. (By the way, I believe Jim Owen is now at Besses oth Barn Band)
  4. Mesmerist

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    We cannot quite believe our luck with having Mark sign for us I must admit. What a fabulous player and a really friendly person. He fitted in straight away as though he had been with us for years and made a real difference in the sound of the front row. We look forward to meeting you as well.:D
  5. Mesmerist

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    Small update. Mark Marsh our new signing has moved onto his beloved soprano seat and our own very capable Jan has moved onto front row so our cornet line-up is pretty strong right now.
    Mike has moved onto Bb Bass which he played many years ago and our top 2nd Baritone player is to try out his place on 1st horn. Also we are shortly hoping to sign up a new Baritone player who has tried us out and wishes to join us.
    Plus we have a new signing on percussion and welcome Helen Thompson to our ranks. So thats 4 good percussion players now.

    We appreciate just how lucky we are to have full membership but please if you do fancy taking a look at us or coming along because you are on holiday in the area please make contact and be assured of a warm welcome.
  6. steve butler

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    I may be coming down that way on hols later in the year.

    Would there be a warm welcome for a super cool, totally non geekish, slightly avante garde cross dressing, relatively low alcohol imbibing (hic hic), ever so intolerent of stupid "who's the best ****** player" threads, flugel fancying tuba player? - with a bit of an alergy to raucous soprano players :wink:
  7. Mesmerist

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    Hello, well we knew it was coming and we are trying to get him to reconsider but our lovely Eb bass player Andy Thorne has decided to retire. Boo Hoo... He will be very much missed as he is a very talented muscian and a funny guy as well and he also takes some fine photos too.
    So If you fancy sitting in his seat and being ready to be worked hard in this Dorset Band please give us a call (or pm me). Our MD will not be happy until we are in the British Open so as we begin competing in the 2nd section next year you can imagine how much we do all have to work!
  8. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Last night we had the sad news that Tim was resigning. Hopefully he will be able to return later in the year but in the meantime we are on the hunt for a strong tenor horn player to complete our contesting band. (We do have 4 horn players left but 2 of them don`t relish the competing side of banding). Tim was on 1st horn but we are open to negotiation on seating of the horns - depends on experience ect. of the new player. Anyone replying quickly may be in time to join us for our CD recording at the end of the month. Now how can you resist!
  9. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Our lovely and extremely talented Matt on solo trombone is leaving us in May due to his work commitments moving him elsewhere so we begin a search for someone to replace him. We are looking for a person who enjoys leading the section, performing solos, contesting and with a beautiful sound and fabulous technique. Sorry to be so exacting but Matt is a very good player and he will be a hard act to follow...
    Also we are still looking for a tenor horn player (well its been a week!) but are now going to concentrate on finding a solo horn to take charge of this section. Again we are looking for a soloist with experience who will lead our current horn players and strengthen this part of the band.
  10. Hells Bones

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    Sorry, Mezzy,

    I can't afford the travel.
  11. Mesmerist

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    Yes I suppose the price of Helicopter fuel is quite pricey at the moment.

    Actually Gordon Campbell has offered (and to bring in some friends) but thats probably a step too far in the "ringer" stakes...:biggrin:
  12. Mesmerist

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    We would like to invite any trombonists in the Dorset/Hampshire area to make contact with us as we have a vacancy on the 2nd part. You will be part of a fabulous trio led by Georgina on solo and the wonderful Will on Bass trombone. Hopefully we can find someone who would enjoy us and our rehearsals and sign up before leamington Spa Contest in November 2009.

    PS I should have said a massive thanks to Jon Salmon (fishy) for his work with us and his unfailing commitment. Good luck with your degree and your new Royal Marine band. Hope you soon get posted back...XX
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  13. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Seems to be sorted as we welcome someone I last knew when he was playing solo trombone with Yeovil many years ago. Its been a while since it touched his lips but I know it won`t take him long to be back in form...see you on Monday then!
  14. Mesmerist

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    I should have mentioned that the above posts of Solo Trombone and Solo Horn were filled beautifully by a very talented husband and wife team shortly after advertising. How lucky was that!

    Anyway - we could do with a sturdy heavy duty 3rd cornet player with attitude. (To match the full and lush tones of our Tracy - I kid you not - she has a great sound.) Our last one has defected to Verwood B to spend more time with his wife (ahh) and to take on the mighty fine post of Flugel there. So if you quite fancy taking a look or a listen please come and meet us.
  15. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    PS Sorry should have mentioned that we will be a 1st Section Band from January.
  16. Robhibberd29

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    Congratulations on that btw
  17. towse1972

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    Yeah. Here, here! Well done.
  18. Mesmerist

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    The Good Fairy of the Brass Band World has sprinkled her magic again and the post of 2nd Trombone is filled by the talented, cool as a cucumber, Steve Grimshaw. Welcome back to a man who has spent some years away from music but bought himself a new instrument last week and is back on awesome form already!
  19. Mesmerist

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    We need to clone our Graham but as technology is not yet so advanced can a talented ambitious principal cornet player make his/her way over to Verwood as soon as please...Bumper up if you prefer. Even (and this hurts) a flugel player (sob) and I`ll move over if that is what it takes to make my band a serious contender next March.