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  1. Mesmerist

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    Edit: for current vacancies and contact details please see most recent posts

    Verwood Concert Brass are pleased to announce that we are forming Verwood B band starting the first Wednesday in June 2009. We welcome anybody interested to make contact either through our website or by pm to one of us.:)
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  2. tubbytuba

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    Well done Verwood on the starting up of your B Band they really do pay dividends as us at Camborne B know!!!
  3. cornetblower

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    Great to hear of a band in such good health that they can start a B band too. Well done Verwood and good luck to both bands
  4. bassendworld

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    Great news this, congratulations:clap:

    We are nearly there with membership at 40 so we have to use about 10-12 from the main band as well, but we are on the right road.

    Wantage Organisation of course sets the target for us all!!

    Great to read this sort of post well done everyone concerned.

  5. tubbytuba

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    Ive probably posted a similar comment before but read on. In 2002 Camborne B Band entered its 1st contest,it was the regional qualifier at the students union in Bristol 23 bands competed and we a came a creditable 7th.Fom that 1st contest till now,we have progressed to the 1st section,had some really good area results,made 2 National finals and off to Harrogate again in September. Not a bad record since 2002,just shows what a Bband can do!!!
  6. Mesmerist

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    Verwood B are hoping to compete at the 4th section west of England Areas in March 2010.
    If anyone would like to occupy the soprano seat then please make contact either to me by pm or through our web-site .
    Also a strong front row cornet player would be made very welcome. (As would anyone else who fancies giving this band or the VCB band a visit!)
  7. Mesmerist

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    Unfortunately it seems we may need a principal cornet for March as ours will be unable to play for a little while. So if you are interested in this seat (or the Soprano) then it would be lovely to hear from you.
    I heard them at a concert on Saturday and they are sounding strong and good. Once those last few seats are filled they could be serious contenders in next years Areas.
    Along with "A" Band and Training Band there are 79 players at Verwood so its worth taking a look.