Vernon Building Society Poynton with The Natural State Brass Band of Arkansas USA

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    Date: 28-Jun-2010 Start time: 7PM
    Joint concert given by Vernon BS Poynton band conducted by Kevin Gibbs and Natural State Brass Band from Arkansas USA conducted by Rusty Morris.
    Featured soloists - Andrew Lawton, Poynton's virtuosi solo baritone player and Douglas Yeo of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
    A varied programme of music culminating in a joint performance of Pines of Rome.

    Ticket prices £10, £8 Concessions
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    Vernon bs poynton and natural state band arkansas

    Bands Across The Water
    The VBS Poynton Band and Musical Director Kevin Gibbs would like to offer their thanks and ‘safe travels’ to the Natural State Brass Band, from Arkansas, with their Musical Director Rusty Morris. The two bands played a joint concert on Monday night to a packed out audience at Poynton Methodist with both bands receiving standing ovations for their captivating performances - VBS playing an all British music programme for their first set and the NSBB responding with a very American set (with music from Copeland to Sinatra!).

    We were also in awe of the NSBB’s guest soloist for the night Douglas Yeo, the Bass Trombone from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, who performed ‘Stella by Starlight’ and a special arrangement for Doug and the NSBB of ‘The Arkansas Traveller’ – done in the traditional Theme & Variation style, performances like this are not something you see Bass Trombonists doing often!

    Not to be outdone, though, VBS Band’s star soloist, baritone player Andy Lawton, stood up to the challenge with a superb rendition of Brillante (Theme and Variations on Rule Brittania).

    To mark the occasion of the concert, the bands presented each other with commemorative banners, and we hope that the Natural State Brass Band’s remaining concerts (with Wingates and Thoresby Colliery) are every bit as successful before they fly back to the US on, fittingly, 4th July.

    We must also say thanks to Keith Tysall, who has been instrumental in helping to organise the Natural State Brass Band’s tour of the UK.