Vernon Building Society Poynton Need You!!

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by petec, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Dolly

    Dolly Member

    All serious replies should be directed to Mr Ian Moffat since apperntly us young ones have flaws in that we have a sense of humour
  2. lizi

    lizi Member

    Sorry Moffhead, but methinks Dolly maybe thruthfull this time! :lol:

    Enjoy the bass hunt, think everyones lookin for one at the minute tho! :?

    Good luck u vernon-ers! :D
  3. horn1

    horn1 Member

    We're very friendly!!! And if you're nice I'll even consider not putting my hair up so I don't knock your music off!! :twisted: :twisted:
  4. Mofman

    Mofman Member

    Christ! Can we have some seriousness here please. Only genuine Bass players respond to this position. And that doesn't include VBS Bass Players muscling in on this ad.
  5. Dolly

    Dolly Member

    Since I aint no bass player I guess I can 'muscle in on this ad' then Mof? No hes right, were a very serious band, no smiling, laughing, joking or breathing out of time is allowed in our bandroom so only serious people need apply to Mr Serious, with his seriously smoooooooth goatee, Mr Ian Moffat via a serious PM. Thank you :twisted:
  6. ScreamingSop

    ScreamingSop Member

    Ha ha,
    no its true!! you people should come to our band even if its too gaze at moff's goatee!!
    it really is something to behold!!!
  7. Mofman

    Mofman Member

    It's a Van Dyke! You pair of idiots!!

  8. Dolly

    Dolly Member

    Well the general opinion round band is that it makes you look like a dodgy porn star! :p
  9. lizi

    lizi Member


    A Van Dyke?

    What? as in...... Dick Van Dyke?

    He was a good clarinetist as i recall! hehe

    Nah in all seriousness, your GOATEE is a little bit erm.... :roll:

    Poynton Vernon is the band to be in. Hell, i'd join on Bass if i could play one! (dont be gettin any ideas Doll-face)
  10. Dolly

    Dolly Member

    Wasnt he in Mary Poppins? I can hardly see Mof singing a Spoon full of Sugar can you? Lizi you learnt off Martina im sure you can play anything :p
  11. lizi

    lizi Member

    HEY! Less of that tone young lady!

    You know very well i taught tina all she knows! :lol:

    In all truth i could possibly see the moffonater singing "supercalifrajilistickexpialidocous" maybe?

    Give us a song Moff!

  12. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Interesting as all this talk about beards may be, it's not exactly going to help fill the BBb bass position, is it :?:

    Back On Topic please :!:
  13. Dolly

    Dolly Member

    Very good point, any Bb Bass players want to come join in the fun then? We're very very nice really! Go on....
  14. Mofman

    Mofman Member

    Just to reiterate the request.

    "Any BBb Bass players who would like to come down to Poynton (whether you have beards or not [including van dykes, goaties etc…]) and try out this friendly, dedicated 1st section band, please get in touch via

    Many thanks
    Ian Moffett
  15. Mofman

    Mofman Member

    Bass Player Wanted – Poynton, Cheshire

    Eb Bass Player required for the Vernon Building Society Poynton Brass Band.

    Based in Poynton (own Band Room). VBS came 2nd in the Area, qualifying for the Nationals. Came a respectful 6th in the 1st Section.

    Visit for further details or add a reply for any enquiries.

    Friendly, and dedicated band. Currently conducted by the well respected Alan Lawton.

    Could do with someone for Pontins. So, get a move on! Please.

  16. ScreamingSop

    ScreamingSop Member

    Come On You Bass Players!!!

    Eb (after Pontins) and Bb bass player are required by the Vernon Building Society band Poynton, conducted by Alan Lawton.
    Very friendly (yes we are!!!) and recently successfull (1st Buxton Entertainment 2003, 2nd NW Area 2004 and respectable 6th at the National Finals in Harrogate)
    Very busy but fun season of concerts and contests (including wilkinsons, preston etc.!!)

    Get in touch,you wont be dissapointed! pm me people!!!
  17. Dolly

    Dolly Member

    Please come and play bass for us, we're ery very nice, honest!
  18. horn1

    horn1 Member

    We're nice we are!!!
  19. Mofman

    Mofman Member

    Blimey! We're sounding desparate!

    (but it is a great band to be in!)
  20. ScreamingSop

    ScreamingSop Member

    VBS Poynton (1st Section) Require Eb, Bb Basses and 3rd Cornet player!!!

    Top 1st Section Conducted by Alan Lawton. Recently Buxton Entertainment champs 2003, Northwest Area runners up and 6th at Nationals in Harrogate.
    Very Friendly band located near Stockport needs Eb and Bb bass players and one back row cornet player to fill its ranks.
    Many concerts planned and contests including Wilkinsons, Preston, northwest Areas, Tameside etc..
    So come on!!
    Pm me please!!

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