VE / VJ Day concerts

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brass journo, May 12, 2005.

  1. brass journo

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    Hi all

    any bands doing VE or VJ Day commemoration concerts this year?

    If so, what 1940's esque stuff are you putting on your programme?

    just a query!!!


  2. WoodenFlugel

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    We did a VE day concert on Sunday. The programme included things like Miller Magic, Keep Smiling Through, Music of George Gerswin, Dam Busters as well as the patriotic stuff like Land of Hope and Glory etc.

    We actually started it with Aces High - although (I think) it's not an authentic Luftwaffe march I didn't know how it would be recieved, but our audience seemed to like it. You could do Spitfire Prelude (also from the Battle of Britain film) which is a great piece.

    EDIT: I forgot - we also did a slightly modified redition of "communityland" which has a load of wartime songs in it. Its as old as the hills (correction - I think its actually older than the hills..) and as cheesy as the Dairylea factory but the audience loved it...:redface:
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  3. We've got one in July and will be looking at pieces like:

    God Save the Queen with Fanfare (to open)
    Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square
    As Time Goes by
    633 Squadron
    Hymn to the Fallen - Saving Private Ryan
    Stars and Stripes Forever (the Yanks were there too!)
    Keep Smiling Thorugh (it has to be done!!)
    Miller Magic (or anything gLen Miller related)
    Hymn from the 49th Parallel
    God Save the Queen with Fanfare
    Pomp & Circumstance

    There are loads!! What I did was look thorugh the films that were made at the time and you get a pretty good idea of what was popular at the time.

    Hope it's useful.

  4. SteveT

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    Hello MUM! ....... Goodness how many kids!? If you want anything done in particular give me a ring.

    Steve Tighe
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    "VE day, the army came home,
    VJ day, the RAF came home,
    VD day the navy came home."

    As my grandad used to say!

    Sorry Tabs, couldn't leave it alone. See you monday!
  6. brass journo

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    Just the one - well, two if you include Jamie and four if you include the cats as well!!

    cheers for the offer - I shall let you know.

    Tabbs x
  7. brass journo

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    trust you!!!
  8. The_Eighth_Dwarf

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    cheers Toppy, let everyone else know before the Band is told why not!!!! :p
  9. Sorry mate. It hasn't really been decided yet but this is the type of thing we've been asked to play. Seems a simple enough programme to me!

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