VBS Poynton Brass Band release new CD

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    The Vernon Building Society Poynton Brass Band have just released their latest CD, entitled 'Musical Reflections', which includes a variety of pieces that cover a wide repertoire.

    Recorded by Doyen, the CD was undertaken at ‘Warren Wood Primary School’ over one weekend during September.

    The band has been planning to do a CD for the last few years after their previous CD, 'Individually Yours' sold over a 1000 copies and was regularly featured on John Maines Radio programme GMR Brass, now Radio Manchester.

    The band’s MD, Alan Lawton MBE said: "This is the best CD we've ever done with the band" and goes on to add "the five soloists on the CD together have over 90 years service with the band, four of which joined at an early age and progressed to the principal seats which today is very rare"

    The CD will be available from beginning of December at a cost of £10. Log on to www.poyntonband.co.uk for track listing and to order a copy today.

    The artwork for the CD was designed by the bands talented Bb Bass player Matt Smith.
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