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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bobbyp, Jun 2, 2014.

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    Hi Folks,

    Currently having a clear out of instruments. Some still lack pictures, but they're on their way;

    B&H Tenor Horn - Looking for offers;

    Yamaha Euphonium - Looking for offers;

    Tromba Plastic Trombone - Looking for offers;

    Thomann Bb three valve Sousaphone, similar to this;
    Mine is the MKi i believe not the newer one listed here. Mine's never been used for a show, and has only been played at home a couple of times. Will get the valves moving before it's sold, but is a nice instrument to play. Looking for offers on this (pictures to follow!).

    Wessex Bubbie Tuba - Looking for offers.
    You can find more information on the Bubbie here -
    Comes with hard case and Eb slide (the original slide is in F). Plays pretty well in tune in both keys. There is a tiny ding in the bell, but this is purely cosmetic. Can throw in a generic mouthpiece if necessary, but probably best to use your normal one if you use this a practice horn.


    Rossetti Series 7 Bass Trombone - Looking for offers.
    Double independent triggers and good slide action. Used for a few pro shows - not a bad instrument. I just don't do enough Bass Trombone to warrant keeping it. Comes with a hard case (zip is broken, although whilst still usable with the velcro straps, it's worth using a gig bag instead) but no mouthpiece I'm afraid.

    IMG_0925.jpg IMG_0923.jpg

    Denis Wick Trombone Practice Mute - Very good condition, no dents although the hole in the top isn't perfectly round. Very little use but no box. Make me an offer.

    IMG_1164.jpg IMG_1167.jpg

    Precieux Bass Trombone Gig Bag - rarely used by myself, although i bought this second hand. Zips work, and no sign of damage that i can see. Again, make me an offer.

    IMG_1169.jpg IMG_1171.jpg

    Would prefer a local pickup on all of the above, but can make postage/travel arrangements if necessary on most items at buyers expense.
  2. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    A picture of the little ding in the Bubbie's bell;

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