Various Fanfares – from Duet up to Full Band

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    The fanfares that I'd mentioned previously are ready to go. They're all short, practical and should be quite straight-forward to put together. In terms of melody, harmony, rhythm, etc, there's nothing to frighten the horses! :)

    The instrumentation ranges from duet to septet, and I've arranged one for full band. They're all freebies. If you're interested in getting hold of them, email me at ... deebee AT pacific DOT net DOT au ... and I'll send the PDFs.

    cheers – David Basden – Sydney
  2. Hi
    I am interested in your advert for various fanfares. I teach brass in six schools and would appreciate your kindness if you can forward music.
    My address is : 32 Edenfield, West Pelton, Stanley, Co.Durham. DH9 6SR or e/mail same.


    Norman Walker ( West Pelton Community Brass Band )
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    Just a quick note – the email with the attached files totals 6.7 Megs. I hadn't realised the bundle would be this big.

    I've been splitting the emails in two and, so far, nothing has bounced. Nevertheless, please make sure there's enough empty space available so my little lot won't cause mailbox meltdown. :)

    cheers – DB

    ps – there are also horn in F and bass-clef bone parts available for most of these – just ask and I'll attach them as well.