Various Cornet and Trumpet Mouthpieces for Sale - OPEN TO OFFERS!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JellyBelly, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. JellyBelly

    JellyBelly New Member

    I have the following mouthpieces that I am looking to sell as I do not use them:

    • Vincent Bach 1+1/2C Trumpet Mouthpiece (Good Condition)

    • Yamaha 14B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece (Good Condition, never used)

    • Yamaha 14A4a Trumpet Mouthpiece (Excellent Condition, ideal mouthpiece for Piccolo/Eb Trumpet)

    • Vincent Bach 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece (Great for High Playing)

    • Stomvi 1+1/4C Trumpet Mouthpiece (Excellent Condition, never used and came with a new instrument)

    • Stomvi 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece (Again never used, slightly tarnished)

    • Yamaha 16E Cornet Mouthpiece (This has never been used and came with a new instrument I purchased a few years ago.)

    I am open to any reasonable offers! (£10+ each)

  2. Is the Yamaha 16E now sold, please?

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