Valve felts and waterkey corks

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Al, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Al

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    I have a few instruments in need of some care. I wonder could anyone direct me to where is the best place to buy valve felts. I need more than a pack of three and preferably would like a selection as there are various instruments. Mainly for cornet and trumpet.
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    Try brass-fix uk. WWW.BRASS-FIX.CO.UK based in Towcester , but i dealt by post.He sells all that sort of thing, he even got me some bass bone mute corks!!
  3. GJG

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  4. BigHorn

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    The other option is to make them yourself using a
    Wad Punch.
    You have to source a sheet of thick felt and cork though.
  5. Andrew Norman

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    Dan is VERY helpful and posts things quickly.
  6. GJG

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    The only problem with that though is that accurate alignment of the valves and the ports is dependent on the felts being exactly the right thickness/density. Personally I wouldn't use anything other than the original manufacturer's spares.
  7. julian

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    Windcraft (Part of Dawkes Music) supply trade and retail and seem to be much cheaper than some other suppliers. They also offer a very quick mail order service.
  8. LittleEuph

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    I'll second that
  9. Al

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    Thanks for the replies. Due to the various instruments and their age, I am thinking about going along the wad punch root, although I can see a few possible problems with alignment as mentioned by GJG. How do you align valves so that you know that when either down or open then the tubing aligns properly (Other than by sight on say the middle valve of a cornet?)

    I have an old bass and for one reason or another the valves are at different heights (when open anyway). So I have to reasonably assume that the alignment is out. In this case there is no discernible effect on tuning. Just how critical is alignment? A daft question I know but even as much as 2 or 3 mm doesn't seem to make that much of a difference (well, on this old bass anyway).
  10. GJG

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    I imagine it becomes more important the smaller the instrument. You may well be right that it has little impact on a bass.
  11. GordonH

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    Even if you use manufacturers original parts you will still have to align the valves using shims. It makes a big difference to a cornet or a tenor horn (cornets more so than trumpets even because of the greater resistance to start with). Its something that needs to be done by an instrument repairer really but its not expensive and it doesn't need done often. I sent my tenor horn here to have them done and am just waiting on getting it back:

    (This is why some instruments have rubber instead of felt - it doesn't compress - but the concensus these days is to use hard felt)