Valve action not smooth - how to cure?

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    Hi all,

    I have an old B&H Sovereign cornet (1970s I guess), nice machine, good nick in general and well looked after.

    Recently however, I have noticed that the valve action isn't as it used to be. The valves don't stick as such, they just aren't as smooth when being depressed as I'm used to, a bit like when oiling is required.

    However, oiling and full cleaning fails to improve things, so I'm wondering if more radical action is required.

    So, any suggestions anyone? Does anyone have a sure fire solution - is this something I can cure, or is it a job for a pro? Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.

    Many thanks.
  2. DMBabe

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    I would cut out the hassle and take it to a pro you trust! My flugel got kicked off its stand in the bandhall (clumsy teenagers) and had to go in cos one of the valves got bent. 1st wouldn't move at all second got stuck half way, bent casing! The lad overhauled the whole valve section including new springs and felts and its working sweet as a nut, better than ever! and the whole thing only cost £40. If its a band instrument then they should pay it anyway? If not its still worth saving yourself the bother cos you could be back and forward to the shop trying various things buying springs etc..... why not just let them do their thing?:D
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    OK, thanks for that. Not a band instrument unfortunatley, but I'm happy to get it sorted professionally if that is the best option.

    Anyone know of reputable repairers either in the Midlands or Yorkshire?

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    Try Owen Wedgewood - always done a fine job on any instruments I've let him work on. PM me for a phone no - otherwise he is on here as Smooth and Sophisticated
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    I'll 2nd that, Owen is good!
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    He's a very nice chap as well...