Valuing Brass Vinyl Albums?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by _si, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. _si

    _si Member

    Hi all, I have been asked to sell a lot of old Vinyl Brass Band albums on behalf of someone, but have no idea of their value.
    Is there someone here who knows what stuff like this is worth?
    I can supply a list (im going to start writing it out now).
  2. _si

    _si Member

    1) All Star Brass: 'Fantasy in Brass'
    2) Aldershot Brass Ensemble: 'Aldershot Brass Ensemble'
    3) Besses O' TH' Barn: 'Well done lads'
    4) Besses O' TH' Barn: 'Capriccio Brilliant'
    5) Besses O' TH' Barn: 'Pride of the North'
    6) Black Dyke Mills: 'Ivory and Brass'
    7) Black Dyke Mills: 'Carnival of Venice'
    8) Black Dyke Mills: 'Black Dyke in Concert'
    9) Black Dyke Mills: 'Triumphant Brass'
    10) Black Dyke Mills: 'Champion Brass'
    11) Black Dyke Mills: 'Double Champions 1972'
    12) Black Dyke Mills: 'Champions again'
    13) Black Dyke Mills: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:5'
    14) Black Dyke Mills: 'Black Dyke plays Langford'
    15) Black Dyke Mills: 'Music for Brass'
    16) Black Dyke Mills: 'High Peak for Brass'
    17) Black Dyke Mills: 'World Champion Brass'
    18) Black Dyke Mills: 'Brass to the Fore'
    19) Black Dyke Mills: 'Black Dyke Mills Band'
    20) Black Dyke Mills: 'Traditionally British
    21) Black Dyke Mills: 'The Champions'
    22) Black Dyke Mills: 'Marching to Black Dyke'
    23) Black Dyke Mills: 'The Concert Sound'
    24) Black Dyke Mills: 'James Cook - Circumnavigator'
    25) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:12'
    26) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Brass Acolade'
    27) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Triple Champions'
    28) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'The Champions Remember'
    29) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Mosiac for Band'
    30) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Brighouse & Rastrick'
    31) Burton Constructional: 'Burton Constructional'
    32) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Salute to Richard Rogers'
    33) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Banding with Ball'
    34) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Classical Brass'
    35) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Labour and Love'
    36) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Sounds of Brass and Voice'
    37) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Brass in Concert'
    38) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Sovereign Brass'
    39) City of Coventry Band: 'City of Coventry'
    40) City of Coventry Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:15'
    41) City of Coventry Band: 'In Coventry Cathedral'
    42) City of Coventry Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:7'
  3. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    And we're still only on "C" many are there? where's Paddy?
  4. _si

    _si Member

    43) City of London Brass: 'City of London Brass'
    44) Cory Band: 'Entertainment in Brass'
    45) Cory Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:19'
    46) Concert Brass 'Concert Brass Vol:1'
    47) CWS Manchester: 'Mighty Brass'
    48) CWS Manchester: 'Popular Favourites in Brass'
    49) CWS Manchester: 'Fanfare and Soliloquy'
    50) CWS Manchester: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:9'
    51) CWS Manchester: 'Gilbert & Sullivan'
    52) Desford Colliery: 'The Desford Conquest'
    53) Desford Colliery: 'Viva Desford'
    54) Fairey Band: 'Brass in Action'
    55) Fairey Band: 'Polished Brass'
    56) Fairey Band: 'Concert Classics'
    57) Fairey Band: 'Sounds of Brass No4'
    58) Fairey Band: 'Sounds of Brass No1'
    59) Fairey Band: 'More Concert Classics'
    60) Fodens: 'The Foden Sound'
    61) Fodens: 'Brass Supreme'
    62) Fodens: 'Festival Series No4'
    63) Fodens: 'A Christmas Offering'
    64) GUS: 'Brass in Perspective'
    65) GUS: 'Best of Brass'
    66) GUS: 'World Champions play Test Pieces'
    67) GUS: 'Under the double eagle'
    68) GUS: 'Salute to Brass'
    69) GUS: 'Marches and Waltzes'
    70) GUS: 'Kings of Brass'
    71) GUS: 'Cornet Carillion'
    72) GUS: 'Morning Noon and Night'
    73) GUS: 'Going Home'
    74) GUS: 'The BEst of the GUS'
    75) GUS: 'Quartets for Brass'
    76) Grimethorpe: 'Christmas Praise'
    77) Grimethorpe: 'Belle Vue Brass'
    78) Grimethorpe: 'Highlights in Brass'
    79) Grimethorpe: 'Brass versus the Classics'
    80) Grimethorpe: 'Grimethorpe Colliery Band'
    81) Grimethorpe: 'Festival Series No.3'
    82) Grimethorpe: 'Pop goes the post Horn'
    83) Hammonds Sauce Works: 'Quality Plus'
    84) Hammonds Sauce Works: 'Super Quality Plus'
    85) Hammonds Sauce Works: 'Yorkshire Brass'
  5. _si

    _si Member

    86) Hampshire Youth Concert Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:10'
    87) Hampshire Youth Concert Bnad: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:17'
    88) James Shepherd Versatile Brass: 'James Shepherd Versatile Brass'
    89) James Shepherd Versatile Brass: 'Solo Brass No.1'
    90) Langley Band: 'The Langley Band'
    91) Lisburn Silver Band: 'Silver in Co Antrim'
    92) Luton Band: 'The Luton Band'
    93) Men O'Brass: 'H Mortimers Diamond Jubilee'
    94) Men O'Brass: 'World of Brass Bands '
    95) Men O'Brass: 'World of Brass Bands Vol2'
    96) Men O'Brass: 'World of Brass Bands Vol3'
    97) Men O'Brass: 'Favourites in Brass'
    98) Men O'Brass: 'Sousa Marches'
    99) Men O'Brass: 'Cathedral Brass'
    100) Men O'Brass: 'Massed Band Spectacular'
    101) Men O'Brass: 'Brass on the March'
    102) Men O'Brass: 'Classics for Brass'
    103) Men O'Brass: 'Firemans Gallop'
    104) Men O'Brass: 'Sousa the Great'
    105) Mellingriffith: 'Brass Band plays Pop'
    106) Morris Concert Band: 'Morris Concert Band'
    107) Morris Concert Band: 'Out and About in Merry England'
    108) National Band of New Zealand: 'National Band of New Zealand'
    109) National Youth Band: 'National Youth Band'
    110) Netteswell Youth Band: 'The Netteswell Experience'
    111) Park and Dare: 'Rhondda Rhapsody'
    112) Ransome Hoffman Pollard Band: 'Rolling Brass'
    113) Redbridge Band: 'The Redbridge Phenomenon'
    114) Rochdale Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:16'
    115) Royal Marines Band: 'Nightfall in Camp'
    116) Royal Doulton Band: 'Clayhanger'
    117) Royal Doulton Band: 'Royal Doulton Band'
    118) Sola Brass: 'Concerto'
    119) Scottish CWS: 'Scottish Rhapsody'
    120) Scottish CWS: 'Scottish CWS Band'
    121) Stanshaw (Bristol): 'Spectrum'
    122) Tredegar Junior Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol.20'
    123) Wingates Band: 'Brass from Wingates'
    124) Wingates Band: 'Gilbert and Sullivan in Brass'
    125) Wingates Band: 'The National Champions'
    126) Wingates Band: 'Flourishing Brass'
    127) Yorkshire Imps: 'Highlights in Brass'
    128) Yorkshire Imps: 'Brass International'
  6. _si

    _si Member

    129) Yorkshire Imps: 'The Sound of Yorkshire Imperials'
    130) Yorkshire Imps: 'Sounds of Brass Vol6'
    131) Yorkshire Imps: 'Sounds of Brass Vol2'
    132) Yorkshire Imps: 'Yorkshire Imps'
    133) Watney Silver Band : 'Watney Silver Band'
    134) (Various) : 'Harry Mortimers World of Big Brass Band'
    135) (Various) :'Festival Brass (Wills 1970)
    136) (Various) :'Brass Band Festival 1971'
    137) (Various) :'A Festival of Brass (Wills 1972)'
    138) (Various) :'Wills Festival 1971'
    139) (Various) :'Wills Championship Concert 1973'
    140) (Various) :'Best of British Brass'
    141) (Various) :'TheVery Best of Brass'
    142) (Various) : 'Brass Spectacular'
    143) (Various) : 'Granada Festival 1971'
    144) (Various) : 'Granada Festival'
    145) (Various) : 'Massed Bands Festival Belle Vue'
    146) (Various) : 'World of Brass Band Vol4'
    147) (Various) : 'Brass Band Classic'
    148) (Various) : 'National Brass Band Festival 1967'
    149) (Various) : ' ' 1969
    150) (Various) : ' ' 1971
    151) (Various) : ' ' 1975
    152) (Various) : 'Stars on Sunday'
    153) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band'
    154) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol4'
    155) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol5'
    156) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol6'
    157) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol7'
    158) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol11'
    159) (Various) : 'Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1975'
    160) (Various) : 'wEMBLEY mILITARY mUSICAL Pageant'
  7. _si

    _si Member

    thats all the brass ones :) theres a load more non-brass too
  8. _si

    _si Member

    Any Ideas how much i should be asking for the job lot?
    Also are there any particular 'raritys' that might be worth a lot?
  9. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    a lot would depend on condition. some old vinyl can be quite scratched. There are some collectors out there who love vinyl but would need to be in good condition.
  10. BoBo

    BoBo Member

    Hi Simon

    Glad you found yourself a local band, they are a good bunch aren't they. Brilliant that you are helping Janice out with this. Hopefully meet soon.
  11. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

  12. _si

    _si Member

    Thanks Keith! have just looked on his site and most of these records are listed with a price.
    Looks like they are averaging £8 ish each! I will send him an email, cheers mate!
  13. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Might I suggest a slightly different approach?

    The list of vinyl records is extensive and would be a lovely collection to have, in whatever condition. If I was in a position, I might even make an offer. However, perhaps a much more philanthropic gesture would be to consider donating the whole collection to the National Brass Band Archive in Wigan?

    If we look at a couple of recent releases by Dyke and Grimey ('Vinter' and the most recent 'History of Brass Band Music' cds), they both feature older recordings. If the collection were to be passed on to the archive, perhaps some of these recordings might one day be remastered and made available for all of us to enjoy again.

    I know the opportunity to make a bit of cash is not to be missed, but I would urge you to consider this suggestion.
  14. _si

    _si Member

    It is a fantastic collection no doubt, but i have been asked to sell them by the owner, and i said i would try for her, so its not my decision mate
  15. Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper Member

    Thanks for that link Keith - I was given a small collection of around 36 LPs a couple of years ago - quite atounded at the value of them - especially a couple of the GUS LPs in the collection at £16 each!
  16. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    The value of the discs are only as good as the demand for them. Neat collection and the owner must have been a steady buyer during the '60s and '70s. Interesting to note that eBayers have increased starting bids, generally, on vinyl. I'll still check out backroom collections in second hand shops as the shopkeepers want to see them go quickly (and cheaply!).

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