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    Any news on when the recording of Valerius variations is to be released? Mr Sparke said that it had been recorded by GUS and that it was to be rushed out. :confused:

    How's everyone else getting on with it. Have been playing the Euph part up till now and have to say that it was under the fingers pretty quickly. Just moved back to Bass (probably for the best really ... anyone want to buy a long straight euphonium;) ) Looking forward to sorting out the bass section and getting that big sound back! :D

    It would appear that all of the parts seem well playable (if you excuse my grammar) It is more of a question of getting all of the players to play together and in the same style etc.


    Beginning to feel a bit paranoid here!:rolleyes:

    Are there any people here playing Valarious Variations at the mo or is there another thread going on somewhere that I have not seen? (would not be the first time)


  3. BrotherBone

    BrotherBone Member

    I played it helping Barnard Castle to have a blow through... not that much in it really as you say... guess its just down to basics of tuning, moving together, dynamics...
  4. Anglo Music Press

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    You are correct that GUS Band have recorded it but we were not really given enough advanced notice to get the CD out in time to help 4th bands at the Finals.

    They are doing their best to get it out quickly. If you haven't already done so, speak to De Haske in Corby, who are compiling a list of people who want the CD as soon as it hits these shores!

    CD Journeys in Brass AR 017-3
    De Haske tel: 01536 260981

    I guess the reason for lack of posts is that no-one has found any errors (?) :)
  5. snader

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    I have played it with a fanfare band in the Netherlands. I didn't find it too difficult technically, but as you say to get the right "vibe" going in all passages is quite challenging. We played it on a Queens Day concert since Valerius is well known for his nationalistic songs over here (though the theme of the work is not by him but by a British composer if i'm informed well).
  6. Bass Trumpet

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    Try and get to the next GUS concert, as we've played it out a few times recently! Of course, there's no guaruntee that we got it right, either! ;)


    Any concerts planned in scotland? :confused: We have Lovely beer up here:guiness !
  8. Bass Trumpet

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    Not as such, but we're in St James' Park on the 30th. C'mon, it's not far!


    Doesn't seem too far on the map, but as it takes a good 4 hours simply to get out of scotland from where I live (in the REAL North East;) ) then it is a bit too far to go , especially as I have a band job the day before hand at the Turra Show.

    But, thanks a lot for the information. Would be good of you did come up though. We don't get many bands coming this far north: we have had YBS 3 times in the last6 years and Fodens once. Maybe we should get our bands to talk :biggrin: ?

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