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    Due to current player moving out of the area, Cranbrook Town Band in Kent requires a tuned percussionist. Ideally available for band trip to France 28th to 31st May. The band plays in the second section of Southern Counties. Band rehearses Thusday evenings 7:45pm to 10pm at Angley School (TN17 2PJ).

    Contact Geoff Collins on 01323 840605 or
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    Front row cornet now needed

    Cranbrook town band in Kent is looking for a front row cornet player. Contact details as previous post
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    We are still looking for a percussionist and front row cornet, we also now need a Bass trombone due to illness. Contact as previously. We hope to be doing a recording in May
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    We have found a young percussionist and our Bass trom is well again, but we are now looking for a front row or sop player. We are planning a weekend in Belgium next year 23rd-26th May. We are also trying to attract young players to the band, so if you have a son or daughter who plays, please bring them along. Contacts details as per top post and also on our website
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    Due to another player having to relocate with work, we are now looking for an Eb or Bb Bass player. Contact details as per first post.

    We are still looking for a sop or front row cornet and a tuned percussionist if you fancy having a go.

    Trip to Belgium next year is still going ahead and we should be entering the Folkestone contest in October.
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    Due to work commitments we are now looking for a kit player for the band. Also Eb or Bb bass player vacancy is still open.

    For more details about the band goto
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    Latest vacancies

    We are looking for a 2nd trombone or bass trombone, front row cornet, a kit player and an Eb or Bb bass player.

    For more details about the band goto
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    We are still looking for a 2nd trombone or bass trombone, and a kit player. We now have a Bb bass player but are looking for another. Also if there are any baritone players who would like to join the band please get in touch

    For more details about the band goto
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    Tuned percussionist has been recruited, but we are still in need of a kit player. Unfortunately our Bb player has had to leave due to ill health. We would also like to strengthen the band with a 1st baritone and 2nd or bass trombone. We have plenty planned for the band, with another weekend booked with conductor John Hudson and a trip to Belgium at the end of May.

    Visit it our website for more about the band
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    Cranbrook Town Band, SCABA Spring contest second section winners are looking for a Bb Bass, Trombone (position negotiable) and Kit player. Other players are welcome, young or old. We rehearse at Cranbrook congregational church on Cranbrook High Street TN17 3DJ on Thursday evenings 7:30-10pm.

    The brand appreciates that players have busy work/familly commitments, so do not insist on attendance at every rehearsal and are happy to work around existing commitments. The band also has a sensible schedule of concerts, prefering quality venues to quantity.

    The band also works with conductor John Hudson for a weekend a year and plans trips abroad every three or four years. We have an active youth training policy and provide free lessons and instruments to local primary schools. Please visit our website to find out more about the band.
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    We currently have vacancies for Tutti front row cornet, back row cornet, tenor or bass trombone, Eb or Bb Bass

    We undertake a variety of concert engagements throughout the year and local contests, a major concert each Autumn, which this year is with David Childs and plan to record a CD next year. Have a look around our website to find out more about us.

    If you are interested in one of these opportunities, contact us in confidence giving some information about yourself.
    David Newsom ( O7957681923

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