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    In just over 4 weeks time myself and my daughter Keely are travelling to America. I am trying at the moment to plan what things to do while we are there. I thought this was sensible because as we are only there for 6 days it's best to have an idea or two... Hopefully we are going to go on a day trip to New York which is about 200 miles away from where we are staying in Boston. I have looked into this and it's a 3 and half hour train journey from downtown to NY. Also I thought it would be quite nice to visit a church on the Sunday, so i did a bit of searching and found details of a smallish communal type church. I emailed the pastor and he replied back and said on the sunday we were visisting it is a thanksgiving service - which i think will be a lovely one to go to. Keely isn't keen, but she says she will come along :). According to Keely we will be eating 'fast food' for the full six days, she informed me that there is a Mcdonalds, burger king and subway near by ;)
    I am kind of a bit scared but excited to about the trip, but as it's just going to be myself and Keely...
    I have tried to map out where we are staying, where places are we can visit,, Thing is all the streets are so close together, well it looks like that.. and to make matters worse the pastor from the church were we are visiting says it is easy to get lost :(

    I wish i had a nice chappie to look after me while i was there ;)

    Yvonne x

    P.S Peter i had a look on the band website you suggested - The New England Band, but they rehearse on a Monday evening, and i will be setting off to come home on that day
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    Hi Vonny

    Having visited both New York and Boston you both will have a fantastic time. Can't help you with the churches I'm afraid, but a walk along the freedom trail in Boston is great fun. As is brunch at Quincy Market Place.

    Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it!
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    Thank you Chunky! I have actually read about the freedom trail and quincy market place...
    W.............ould you like to be my 'help in hand';) ;)
    I am quiet, only speak when spoken to...:biggrin:

    Yvonne x
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    I had a feeling it was more like 400 miles from Boston to NY, but I could be misremembering. However, for a day trip I wonder whether you wouldn't be better off getting the Shuttle, which I seem to recall goes from Logan Airport to La Guardia? Something like an hour's flying time, I think.
    The thing that might put one off this, of course, would be the problems with airport security these days. :frown:
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    I'd take the train. Not only do you have more security hassles at the airport, but when you arrive in New York you still have to get to where you're going from the airport (most of the stuff you really want to see is on Manhattan, whereas both Kennedy and La Guardia airports are on Long Island). The train takes you to Grand Central Station, right in the middle of Manhattan.

    Also, when you fly, you get the wonderful experience of going through Logan International Airport, which is perhaps the worst airport in a major city in the US.

    3 1/2 hours on the train seems a bit long - when you book your train, ask about the 'Acela' service - these are fast express trains that run in the Northeast Corridor (I know that they run from Washington to New York, I think that they go to Boston also).

    Boston to New York City is about 200 miles. Boston to Washington is about 450 miles (I've driven this a number of times, as I have relatives in Boston).
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    Hi Vonny

    When I was in Boston as well as going as others have said here to Quincy Market, I also took a trip to the bay area. I drove to Provincetown right at the end of the peninsular, and it was beautiul. Much of the West coast of the US is totally gorgeous, wonderful sandy beaches and beautiful scenery abounds, and the West coast area here is spot on.

    Perhaps when you are there (not sure if it is the right season) but you ought to try to get to a baseball game, excellent atmosphere and great fun - especially if yo uopen your mouth - I found as soon as I spoke, people took extra interest because of the apparant posh English accent... phah!

    When in New York, you have to visit the Empire State Building, and Central Park. There are dozens of interesting places to visit... I'm sure you'll have great fun.

  7. brasscrest

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    Unfortunately, baseball will be done by then - it's in the playoffs now (and the Boston team has already been eliminated).

    Too bad though, because the ball park in Boston is one of the best, despite being 94 years old.

    Another good thing to do in New York is take the Staten Island Ferry. It leaves from the southern tip of Manhattan and cruises across the harbor to Staten Island, right past the Statue of Liberty. The best part is that there is no charge. When you get to Staten Island, you get off and then get right back on and go back to Manhattan. You also get a really good view of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.
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    I've only been to Boston a few times...get some Lobstah. You can also probably see a good fight (if the ice hockey doesn't get in the way of it).

    For New York, there are two lovely art museums, plently of shows and live music, Central Park, two zoos (central park and bronx), Sierra Nevadas in the south side of Manhattan will have footie matches on Saturday/ Sunday (or during the week if their is UEFA), Times square is nice, etc...

    You may be able to catch NBA basketball if you want in either city.

    There is also the Gramercy British Brass which rehearses in NYC.
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    Whoops, sorry, I remember doing the trip once on business, but had forgotten an important detail! :redface:
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    I've stayed in Boston before - you'll love it!

    The Freedom Trail and Quincey's Market have already been mentioned and these are a MUST. If you're staying anywhere near the theatre district there's plenty to do around there - Boston is quite compact really, especially when compared to somewhere like NY.

    Other things of interest to do while you're there:

    Clam Chowder
    Paul Revere's House (probably on the Freedom Trail I think)
    Filene's Basement - cheap shopping!
    Samuel Adams beer - decent American beer!
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    OOOOOOOOOOOOOO make sure you do a duck tour! they are soooo fun. its sorda hard to explian but its this old WWII vehicle that drives and also goes in the river its super cool. have fun!
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    Go up to the observation deck of the Empire State building - the view is terrific, especially after dark.

    Also go to the Brooklyn Bridge at the south end of Manhatten. Worth seeing in itself, but if you walk across it and look back , then you get to see a great view of Manhatten.

    Go and have a look at Times Square - just so you can say you have been, it is so iconic.

    Central Park is worth a visit - it's so huge you could spend all day there. You wouldn't think you were in the middle of New York. Very relaxing.

    If you are only going to be in New York for a day then you may not have the time, but if you can go and see a Broadway show. Yes the tickets are expensive, but they are very, very good.

    It's a long time since I was in Boston, but I remember that it is a very nice city, with a lot of 18th century buildings which we in England don't think of when we think of the USA. From what I remember, it is easy to walk around. I don't know if it is still open, but when I was there you could go and visit where "Cheers" was filmed. As people have already said, you must do the Freedom Trail and visit Quincey's Market. You can also go across to Cambridge and visit Harvard University.