US style Drum and Bugle Corps

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  1. yank67

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    So how many folks on here have been part of the Drum and Bugle movement?
    I am an ex 27th Lancer and marched with the Alliance of Greater Boston from back in the 80's.
    I know that there is a small amount of corps here in England.
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    Wow!! I've seen some videos of 27th Lancers - one of the more entertaining Corps, in my opinion!! :D :clap:

    Personally, my marching experience has mainly been a little bit more traditional, although currently I'm instructing/arranging/marching Sousaphone with Centurion Showband in York. (More High School/College Marching band than DC! :D)

    I did manage to march one season with The Anchormen D&BC in West Yorkshire! One of the hardest years' marching I've ever done. :)

    There are a few Corps around in this country, I know a couple of them have a presence on tMp, I guess we'll just have to flush them out!! :biggrin:


    PS. Say hello to Rob Norman for me!!
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    I thank you good sir.
    I am of a marching background my self, being a good old yank. High school marching bands and drum corps. I was the Drum Major for my high school band and have done some drill writing and instructing in my time.
    Yes drum corps was hard work, marching and playing in the hot sun, (or rain in your case). But it is very rewarding and can be great fun.
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    Where are there if any, American style brass marching bands in the UK. Preferably around Manchester/North WEST
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    I have been involved with marching band for over 25 years mainly in the tradional style but I aways go to the BYBA marching band finals and local contests.
    There are American drum corp bands in your area have a look at the following websites that will show you the bands.
    Hope this helps
    Yiewsley & West Drayton
    Marching band nut
  6. tubadaz

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    Your local Drum Corps are Poynton Commodores (in Poynton!! :sup) and Cheshire Cadets (in Warrington) who both take part in BYBA competitions. Poynton also take part in DCUK competitions as well.

    Hope this helps,