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    The full results are as follows:

    1, Fountain City, Joe Perisi, 361 points
    2, Brass Band of Central Florida, Michael J Garassi, 354 points
    3, Wingates Band, Andrew Berryman, 352 points
    4, Eastern Iowa Brass Band, Casey Thomas, 320 points
    5, Prairie Brass Band, Dallas Niermeyer, 314 points
    6, Illinois Brass Band, Dr. Ryan T. Nelson, 302 points
    7, Milwaukee Festival Brass, Pat Backhaus, 296 points
    8, Motor City Brass Band, Craig Strain, 291 points

    Best Cornet: Raquel Rodriquez, Fountain City
    Most Entertaining Band: Fountain City
    Best Performance of a March; Wingates (Ravenswood)
    Best Featured Soloist
    Best New Arrangement or Composition for Brass Band: Wicked, Lucy Pankhurst, Wingates
    Most Outstanding Percussion Section Award: Brass Band of Central Florida
    Buskers Champion: Prairie Barbershop Group

    Courtesy of 4BR.

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    Go Lucy! Well Done! :)